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Aspose.Slides for .NET 23.4 Release Notes

KeySummaryCategoryRelated Documentation
SLIDESNET-43854AddOleObjectFrame method: specify class name without file typeInvestigation
SLIDESNET-42931Keeping the document zoom when saving presentation to HTMLFeature
SLIDESNET-43914Unable to load DLL ‘aspose.slides.drawing.capi_vc14x64’Bug
SLIDESNET-43878Unable to Load DLL ?aspose.slides.drawing.capi_vc14x64?Bug
SLIDESNET-43869Saving PPTX file does not complete after changing text in a table cellBug
SLIDESNET-43862Saving a presentation gives a corrupted fileBug
SLIDESNET-43857Image content placeholder does not behave as expectedBug
SLIDESNET-43836Video frame is not detected from ODP fileBug
SLIDESNET-43828Saving PPTX causes corrupted presentation fileBug
SLIDESNET-43822Saving presentations throws NotImplementedExceptionBug
SLIDESNET-43814Saving a presentation causes IndexOutOfRangeExceptionBug
SLIDESNET-43808Saving a presentation throws IndexOutOfRangeExceptionBug
SLIDESNET-43797Reading PPTX with external video causes PptxReadExceptionBug
SLIDESNET-43795PptxReadException is thrown when loading presentationBug
SLIDESNET-43775The result of the GetSubstitutions() method is inconsistent.Bug
SLIDESNET-43772MathML formulas are not displayed correctly when importing from HTMLBug
SLIDESNET-43765Position of tables is wrong when converting PPTX to PDFBug
SLIDESNET-43754Map chart is missing from exported PDF/PNG after cloning itBug
SLIDESNET-43729Loss of custom chart items in a presentation after saving.Bug
SLIDESNET-43709Application hangs when getting a slide thumbnailBug
SLIDESNET-43649Chart is rendered differently when converting from PPTX to PDFBug
SLIDESNET-43646All content is rotated when importing PDF to PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-43611Regression: Chart Labels missingBug
SLIDESNET-43606Audio and video are missing when converting ODP to PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-43592Audio and video do not work when converting PPTX to ODPBug
SLIDESNET-43587Video and audio are not exported when converting ODP to PPTXBug
SLIDESNET-433073D cone chart is displayed differently when converting PPTX to PDFBug