Aspose.Slides for PHP via Java 23.3 Release Notes

SLIDESPHP-23Use Aspose.Slides for Java 23.3 featuresEnhancement
SLIDESPHP-68Aspose.Slides for PHP via Java - PHP 8.1 supportInvestigation

Public API Changes

Animation timing settings: Rewind when done playing - ITiming.Rewind has been added

The ITiming.Rewind attribute has been added to specify whether an effect will rewind after playing.

Rewind when done playing


$presentation = new Presentation("demo.pptx");

// Gets the effects sequence for the first slide
$effectsSequence = $presentation->getSlides()->get_Item(0)->getTimeline()->getMainSequence();

// Gets the first effect of the main sequence.
$effect = $effectsSequence->get_Item(0);

// Turns the effect Timing/Rewind on.

Trim Video Settings: IVideoFrame TrimFromEnd and TrimFromStart have been added

IVideoFrame.TrimFromEnd and IVideoFrame.TrimFromStart have been added to manage Trim Video settings.

Trim Video settings


$pres = new Presentation();

$slide = $pres->getSlides()->get_Item(0);

$stream = new Java("", "video.mp4");

$video = $pres->getVideos()->addVideo(java_values($stream));
$videoFrame = $slide->getShapes()->addVideoFrame(0, 0, 100, 100, $video);

// sets the trimming start time to 1sec

// sets the triming end time to 2sec

IChartDataPoint.Index property has been added

To allow you determine what parent’s children collection this data point applies to, the IChartDataPoint.Index property has been added.


$presentation = new Presentation("pres.pptx");

$chart = $presentation->getSlides()->get_Item(0)->getShapes()->get_Item(0);
$dataPoints = $chart->getChartData()->getSeries()->get_Item(0)->getDataPoints();

for ($i = 0; $i < java_values($dataPoints->size()); $i++)
    $dataPoint = $dataPoints->get_Item($i);
    echo "Point with index " . $dataPoint->getIndex() . " is applied to " . $dataPoint->getValue() . "\n";