Aspose.Slides for Python 23.10 Release Notes

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SLIDESPYNET-136Use Aspose.Slides for Net 23.10 featuresEnhancement

Public API Changes

TiffOptions.bw_conversion_mode property and BlackWhiteConversionMode enum added

The new TiffOptions.bw_conversion_mode property allows you to specify the algorithm for converting a color image to a black and white image. This setting is applied only when compression_type is set to TiffCompressionTypes.CCITT4 or TiffCompressionTypes.CCITT3.


tiff_options = TiffOptions()
tiff_options.compression_type = TiffCompressionTypes.CCITT4
tiff_options.bw_conversion_mode = BlackWhiteConversionMode.DITHERING

with Presentation() as presentation:, SaveFormat.TIFF, tiff_options)

InkBrush and InkTrace classes have been added

New classes related to Ink management API have been added:

  • InkTrace represents a trace element that is used to record the data captured by the digitizer. It contains a sequence of points.
  • InkBrush represents trace brush.


with Presentation("pres.pptx") as pres:
    ink = pres.slides[0].shapes[0]
    traces = ink.traces
    brush = traces[0].brush

Paragraph.get_lines_count method has been added

The new get_lines_count method of the Paragraph class allows you to get the number of lines in a paragraph.


with Presentation() as pres:
    sld = pres.slides[0]
    ashp = sld.shapes.add_auto_shape(ShapeType.RECTANGLE, 150, 75, 150, 50)
    para = ashp.text_frame.paragraphs[0]
    portion = para.portions[0]
    portion.text = "Aspose Paragraph get_lines_count() Example";
    print("Lines Count =", para.get_lines_count())