Aspose.Slides for Python 23.6 Release Notes

KeySummaryCategoryRelated Documentation
SLIDESPYNET-106Use Aspose.Slides for Net 23.6 featuresEnhancement
SLIDESPYNET-86Arrow appears when exporting a presentation to PDF and thumbnailsBug

Public API Changes

LoadOptions.default_text_language property have been added

LoadOptions.default_text_language property has been added. It represents the default language for presentation text.

The example below demonstrates using load options to define the default text culture:

import aspose.slides as slides
from aspose.slides import LoadOptions as LoadOptions

loadOptions = LoadOptions()
loadOptions.default_text_language = "en-US"
with slides.Presentation(loadOptions) as pres:
    # Add new rectangle shape with text
    shape = pres.slides[0].shapes.add_auto_shape(slides.ShapeType.RECTANGLE, 50, 50, 150, 50)
    shape.text_frame.text = "New Text"
    # Check the first portion language