Aspose.Slides for Python 23.8 Release Notes

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SLIDESPYNET-115Use Aspose.Slides for Net 23.8 featuresEnhancement

Public API Changes

Markdown export - Flavor, MarkdownExportType, NewLineType and MarkdownSaveOptions moved to Aspose.Slides.Export namespace

The classes and enums related to markdown export have been moved from namespace ‘aspose.slides.dom.export.markdown’ to ‘aspose.slides.export’.

The following classes and enums have been moved:

  • MarkdownSaveOptions
  • NewLineType
  • MarkdownExportType
  • Flavor

show_media_controls property has been added for SlideShowSettings

The show_media_controls property was added for the SlideShowSettings class, which Represents the slide show settings for the presentation.


from aspose.slides import Presentation

with Presentation() as pres: 
    pres.slide_show_settings.show_media_controls = True