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Aspose.SVG for .NET 21.12 Release Notes

Major Features

As per the regular monthly update process of all APIs being offered by Aspose, we are honored to announce the December release of Aspose.SVG for .NET:

  • we have fixed the issue with masks which having the type of coordinate units userspaceonuse and applying to images and graphics;

  • the opacity processing code that is used for graphics and bitmaps was changed to address issues with ignoring transformation matrix inside nested SVG elements;

  • we enhanced performance and diminished memory consumption for the algorithm used for creation masking and opacity effects;

  • a new abstract class FontMatcher was developed to provide clients with an interface to control the font matching algorithm.

Public API changes:

Added APIs:

A new abstract class FontMatcher was added to Aspose.Svg.Rendering.Fonts namespace.

A property FontMatcher were added to the class FontsSettings.

Changed APIs:

No Changes

Removed APIs:

No Changes