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Aspose.SVG for .NET 23.9 Release Notes

Major Features

As part of our ongoing monthly update process for all APIs offered by Aspose, we are excited to announce the September release of Aspose.SVG for .NET. This release includes a variety of improvements and fixes:


Optimized Memory Management for SkiaSharp Native Objects: In this release, a major focus was placed on the betterment of memory management for SkiaSharp Native Objects. We’ve implemented strategies to optimize their memory handling, bolstering stability across various functions and platforms.

Bug Fixes:

Improved Glyph Mapping in SVG to PDF and XPS Conversions: We addressed the glyph mapping discrepancies for composed symbols during conversions from SVG to PDF and XPS using the Aspose.SVG.Drawing.SkiaSharp extension. With the latest changes, composite glyphs are effectively rendered as paths, upholding the integrity and fidelity of the output documents.

Handled Null Pointer Exception for Invalid SVG Resources: With the integration of the Aspose.SVG.Drawing.SkiaSharp extension, issues were identified with certain invalid SVG resources. We have added effective handling of non-valid resources, minimizing errors and ensuring a smooth conversion process.

Added APIs:

ISVGDeviceContext.IsGlyphsRenderingSupported property: This new property indicating whether the device supports glyphs rendering.