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Aspose.SVG for Python via .NET 24.6 Release Notes

Major Features

We are pleased to announce the June release of Aspose.SVG for Python via .NET 24.6.0. This update brings performance enhancements and important API changes, tailored specifically for Python developers using the .NET framework.


  • Performance Improvement: Enhanced the performance of loading SVG DOM by implementing delay (on-demand) loading of SVG element attributes. This improvement significantly reduces memory consumption and speeds up the document loading process.

Public API Changes

Removed APIs:

  • Module:

    • Class: IOutputStorage
      • Removed: Previously marked as obsolete.
    • Class: OutputStream
      • Removed: Previously marked as obsolete.
    • Class: OutputStreamContext
      • Removed: Previously marked as obsolete.
    • Class: LocalFileSystemStorage
  • Module: aspose.svg

    • Class: SVGDocument
      • Removed Methods:
        • save(output_storage):
          def save(self, output_storage):
        • save(output_storage, save_format):
          def save(self, output_storage, save_format):
        • save(output_storage, save_options):
          def save(self, output_storage, save_options):

Migration Notes:

Python developers are advised to update their applications by removing any reliance on the now-removed APIs and utility classes. Please refer to the provided documentation links for detailed guidance on migrating to the recommended alternatives.