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Aspose.Tasks for Java 8.1.0 Release Notes

Major Features

We have implemented new Aspose.Tasks for Java API. The API is more clear and easy to use. We recommend our customers to start to use the revamped version. Note, we will publish at least three releases of the existing API along side the new version. Bugs and any regression issues will be fixed in both versions but new features will be added in the revamped version only. We have supported new features for writing and reading for MPP format, importing Primavera XML file format and export to HTML format. Also moving a task from one parent to other have been implemented. Six bugs have been fixed.

All Changes

Issue TypeKeySummary
New FeatureTASKS-33815Implement creation of read only custom fields using formula and reading capability from MPP
New FeatureTASKS-33920Implement custom bar style writing to mpp 2003-2013 formats
New FeatureTASKS-33889Option to read custom bar style fields like Top, Bottom, Left, Right and Inside
New FeatureTASKS-33780Support for Importing Primavera XML file format
EnhancementTASKS-33821Project Data to HTML with HTMLSaveOptions
EnhancementTASKS-33908Provision of Moving a Task from one parent to other
TaskTASKS-33826TASKS-33797 Implement work usage fields rendering in Details Column according to Usage Details settings
TaskTASKS-33924TASKS-33815 Write formulas in extended attributes to mpp file formats
TaskTASKS-33921TASKS-33815 Read formulas in local extended attributes from mpp file format
TaskTASKS-33923TASKS-33815 Implement read-only access to custom field values when using formulas
TaskTASKS-33922TASKS-33815 Read formulas in enterprise extended attributes from mpp file format
BugTASKS-33893MPP->XML raises ArgumentOutOfRangeException
BugTASKS-33877Output MPP file cannot be opened in MSP 2007 after updating the hyperlinks
BugTASKS-33887Wrong behavior in Manual Mode
BugTASKS-33903Project.Recalculate raises Exception
BugTASKS-33904Error raised when saved File using Aspose.Tasks is opened, modified, saved and reopened with MSP
BugTASKS-33907OutlineOutdent and OutlineIndent not working properly