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Aspose.Tasks for Java 8.2.0 Release Notes

Major Features

We have implemented several new features this release. “Display Details columns in chart area” feature has been supported. Formula calculation and evaluation of functions in formulas have been implemented. Eight bugs have been fixed. Please, see list of all features below.

All Changes

Issue TypeKeySummary
InvestigationTASKS-33936Aspose.Tasks 8.1.0 does not have a strong name
EnhancementTASKS-33797Display Details columns in chart area
TaskTASKS-33916TASKS-33797 Implement cost usage fields rendering in Details Column according to Usage Details settings
TaskTASKS-33932TASKS-33925 Implement Task and Resource work/cost/number fields calculation in expressions
TaskTASKS-33935TASKS-33925 Implement Task and Resource DateTime/boolean fields calculation in expressions
TaskTASKS-33939TASKS-33925 Implement calculation of Project fields in expressions
TaskTASKS-33947TASKS-33938 Implement calculation of Math functions
TaskTASKS-33950TASKS-33938 Implement calculation of Text functions
TaskTASKS-33951TASKS-33938 Implement calculation of Date/Time functions
BugTASKS-33930Not correct reading “timephased data” from .mpp file
BugTASKS-33933Summary Task removed by Aspose.Tasks while saving the MPP again
BugTASKS-33931Exception raised while reading the attached MPP
BugTASKS-33953Project.Save raises KeyNotFoundException
BugTASKS-33954Manual Start and Manual Finish dates are read incorrectly for Manual task in mpp 2010 format
BugTASKS-33955MSP shows wrong assignment units for material resources
BugTASKS-33952Resource Assignments change task duration to 0
BugTASKS-33942Wrong timephased data for the assignment
BugTASKS-33937GUIDs are overwritten in MPP file
BugTASKS-33960Duration set to Empty and Summary tasks duration not calculated automatically