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Aspose.Tasks For Java 8.6.0 Release Notes

Major Features

We have supported major feature - reading project data from Primavera database. It allows to cover a lot of scenarios of working with Primavera database and Aspose.Tasks library. Five bugs have been fixed. Please see the list of changes below.

All Changes

Issue TypeKeySummary
TaskTASKS-34079Implement Project data reading from Primavera DB
EnhancementTASKS-34111Project Structure verification functionality missing in Aspose.Tasks for Java
BugTASKS-34104Error in task start/finish dates calculation while setting task duration for a project with 24 hour calendar
BugTASKS-34103Setting the task duration hangs while project containing 24 Hour calendar
BugTASKS-34073Exception raised while loading MPP file with resource assignment work having 100000hrs
BugTASKS-34072SF link is rendered incorrectly
BugTASKS-34071Difference in dates calculation using SF Predecessor before and after saving project to file

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public classes were added:

Class nameDescription
DbSettingsAllows to specify settings to read from project database.
PrimaveraDbSettingsAllows to set necessary options to read project data from Primavera database.

The following public fields were added to existing classes:

Field NameDescription
com.aspose.tasks.FileFormat.XERRepresents Primavera Xer format

The following public methods were added to existing classes:

Project(PrimaveraDbSettings)Initializes a new instance of the Project class to read data from Primavera DB