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Aspose.Tasks for Java 9.4.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Tasks for Java API enables application developers to write code for manipulating Microsoft Project documents without it being installed on the systems. It provides support for Microsoft Project (MPP/XML) as well as Primavera File Formats. Project data can be exported to a number of formats including PDF, PNG, BMP and others.

Major Features

  • Support for CalculationType and RollupType reading/Writing for an Extended Attribute.
  • Support for reading VBA from MPP file.
  • Implementation of Field Type converter for the Formula Calculation.

Features and Improvements

TASKS-34532Implemented ExtendedAttributeDefinition.CalculationType, ExtendedAttributeDefinition.RollupType writing to mppNew Feature
TASKS-34528Implemented ExtendedAttributeDefinition.CalculationType, ExtendedAttributeDefinition.RollupType reading from mppNew Feature
TASKS-34553Option to read VBA from mppNew Feature
TASKS-34507Support Formula Calculation with different types of the ExtendedAttributeEnhancement
TASKS-34547Implement field type converter for the Formula CalculationEnhancement
TASKS-34503Calculation of the formula is not correctBug
TASKS-34516Duration Roll up Type/Calculation Type/Duration Format not retained in XMLBug
TASKS-34524Off days shown as working for a resource calendarBug
TASKS-34525Loading MPP Takes more time when License is setBug
TASKS-34527Setting Tsk.NotesRTF doesn’t save the notes valueBug
TASKS-34533Wrong formula calculationBug
TASKS-34536Formula for custom field type Start not saved when Duration is usedBug
TASKS-34546StackOverflowException while reading MPP fileBug
TASKS-34562Reading MPP file raises ExceptionBug
TASKS-34567Wrong resource assignment units work per dayBug
TASKS-34596Calculation Mode:None, Child duration displayed in minutesBug
TASKS-34587Tsk.WBS returns null if calculation mode set to NoneBug
TASKS-34597Wrong outline code readingBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public classes were added:Description
Aspose.Tasks.VbaProjectRepresents the VBA Project
Aspose.Tasks.VbaModuleRepresents the VBA Module
Aspose.Tasks.VbaReferenceRepresents the VBA reference
Aspose.Tasks.VbaModuleAttributeRepresents the attribute of the VbaModule
Aspose.Tasks.VbaModuleCollectionCollection of the VbaModules
Aspose.Tasks.VbaReferenceCollectionCollection of the VbaReferences
Aspose.Tasks.VbaModuleAttributeCollectionCollection of the ModuleAttributes

|The following public interfaces were added:|Description| |IVbaModule |Represents an interface to work with vbaModule | |The following public properties were added: |Description | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaProject.CompilationArguments |Conditional Compilation Arguments for source code | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaProject.HelpContextId |Project Help Context Id | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaProject.HelpFile |Help File Name | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaProject.Name |Project Name | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaProject.Description |Project Description | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaProject.References |Represents a collection of VbaReferenceCollection | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaProject.Modules |Represents a collection of VbaModuleCollection | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaModule.SourceCode |Source code of the specific module | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaModule.Name |Name of the specific module | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaModule.Attributes |Represents a collection of VbaModuleAttributeCollection | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaModuleAttribute.Key |The key of the attribute | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaModuleAttribute.Value |The value of the attribute | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaReference.Name |The name and full path to the reference of the VBA project | |Aspose.Tasks.VbaReference.LibIdentifier |The Identifier of the library |