Aspose.Tasks for Java 19.12 Release Notes

All Changes

KeySummaryIssue Type
TASKSJAVA-983Implement a feature to set “Last Saved on” of a baseline while creating a fileNew Feature
TASKSNET-2482Implement a feature to add tasks columns on each exported pageNew Feature
TASKSNET-3579Enhance task filtering logic for Gantt, Task Usage, and Task Sheet viewsEnhancement
TASKSNET-3517Enhance XML to MPP copying procedure of view informationEnhancement
TASKSNET-3289Enhance reading of linked OLE object propertiesEnhancement
TASKSJAVA-981Fix exception while reading MPP fileBug
TASKSNET-3463Fix overflow exception on reading MPP fileBug
TASKSNET-3460Fix overflow exception on loading MPP fileBug
TASKSNET-3459Fix generation of TDs for Cost resourcesBug
TASKSNET-3458Fix excel unreadable error after mpp conversionBug
TASKSNET-3455Fix tasks in MSP 2003 file corrupted after resavingBug
TASKSNET-3451Fix missing resource GUID after resaveBug
TASKSNET-3444Fix crash when saving MPP as XML due to Formula-ColumnBug
TASKSNET-3441Fix exception on loading protected MPP fileBug
TASKSNET-3426Fix reading of Tsk.Finish date from XML fileBug
TASKSJAVA-827Fix resource GUID is not being saved correctly in MSP 2003Bug
TASKSNET-3216Fix parsing of formula to accept ‘;’ as arguments separatorBug
TASKSJAVA-894Fix an issue with generating of task with different resourcesBug
TASKSNET-3197Fix schedule differences in resaved MPP fileBug
TASKSNET-3180Fix reading of Start/Finish from mppBug
TASKSNET-2737Fix saving MPP file with default GanttChartView viewBug
TASKSNET-2390Fix non-visible Resource Assignment in Task Usage view in project saved by MPPBug
TASKSNET-3525Fix creation of assignment with material and work resourcesBug
TASKSNET-3511Fix Conholdate license exception while settingBug
TASKSNET-3510Fix resave of file results in unreadable MPPBug
TASKSNET-3509Fix exception on loading MPP fileBug
TASKSNET-3506Fix reading of ExtendedAttributeDefinition.CalculationType for custom attributes with “Formula” calculation type.Bug
TASKSJAVA-977Fix reading of saved time-phased dataBug
TASKSNET-3471Fix incorrect week representation when Sunday is the first day in a calendarBug
TASKSNET-3454Fix issue with slow generation of tasksBug
TASKSNET-3609Fix missing tasks when the copied project is opened in MS ProjectBug
TASKSNET-3592Fix incorrect saving of Task Usage viewBug
TASKSNET-3586Task splitting method is not workingBug
TASKSNET-3569Fix invalid values of TDs for a material resourceBug
TASKSJAVA-977Fix incorrect reporting of the actual workBug
TASKSNET-3527Fix distribution of work for assignmentsBug
TASKSNET-3526Fix work distribution when custom TDs are usedBug
TASKSNET-2858Fix incorrect split parts presentation in MSP for material assignment with custom TDsBug
TASKSNET-2587Fix direct addition of time-phased data into the task TDs collectionBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public methods and properties were added:Description
com.aspose.tasks.ResourceAssignmentCollection.add(com.aspose.tasks.Task,com.aspose.tasks.Resource,java.math.BigDecimal)Adds new assignment to the ResourceAssignmentCollection.



Gets or sets the encoding of the resulting .XLSX file.
com.aspose.tasks.WeekDayCollection.clearClear the WeekDayCollection object.
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageTypeRepresents HTML image type.
The following public enumerations were added:Description
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.JpegJPEG JFIF.
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.PngPortable Network Graphics.
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.BmpWindows Bitmap.
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.GifGif image format
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.TiffTiff image format
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.SvgSVG image format
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.SvgzCompressed SVG
com.aspose.tasks.HtmlImageType.UnknownUnknown format
The following public methods and properties were deleted:Description