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Aspose.Tasks for Java 19.3 Release Notes

Major Features

  • The long-awaited feature of style customization for custom task fields has been implemented.
  • This release includes enhancements and a bunch of fixed bugs connected to PDF export.
  • Also in this release, we made some important enhancements in order to implement better support of custom timephased data for MPP/XML files.

All Changes

KeySummaryIssue Type
TASKSNET-2816Implement a feature to customize styles of custom fieldsNew Feature
TASKSNET-2860Fix layout of Gantt table in generated PDFEnhancement
TASKSNET-2829Add calculation of ConstraintDate for all calculation modesEnhancement
TASKSNET-2825Fix the calculation of peak value while adding a custom timephased data in automatic mode.Enhancement
TASKSNET-2882An element with the same key has already been added.Bug
TASKSNET-2855Failed to Set Start and End Date for Summary TaskBug
TASKSNET-2852Fix resaving of Task.IsExpanded flagBug
TASKSJAVA-734Updating of percent complete doesn’t work for milestone tasksBug
TASKSNET-2790Font size issue while exporting to PDFBug
TASKSJAVA-682Can’t open exported project to PDF file on Foxit ReaderBug
TASKSNET-2689Fix incorrect resave of a project with material custom assignmentBug
TASKSNET-2507Task names corrupted while saving MPP as PDFBug
TASKSJAVA-820HeaderFooterInfo class does not contain getters and setters for imagesBug
TASKSJAVA-818Error to Export MPPBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public types were added:Description
com.aspose.tasks.ITextStyleModificationCallbackRepresents a callback that is called before TextStyle is applied to a table cell.
com.aspose.tasks.TaskTextStyleEventArgsThis class represents a set of data related to the rendering of the table cell’s content.
The following public methods and properties were added:Description
com.aspose.tasks.ITextStyleModificationCallback.beforeTaskTextStyleApplied(com.aspose.tasks.TaskTextStyleEventArgs)The method to be called before rendering of a table cell for a task row in the following views



Gets or sets TextStyle which will be used to draw the cell’s content. This object can be use to customize appearance of a table cell.
com.aspose.tasks.TaskTextStyleEventArgs.getTaskGets com.aspose.tasks.TaskTextStyleEventArgs.Task which corresponds to the currently rendered row.
com.aspose.tasks.TaskTextStyleEventArgs.getColumnGets com.aspose.tasks.ViewColumn to which the currently rendered cell belongs.



Gets or sets the callback which can be used to customize the appearance of the column’s cells.



The centered image to be displayed in the header or footer.



The left aligned image to be displayed in the header or footer.



The right aligned image to be displayed in the header or footer.



The centered image to display in the page legend.



The left aligned image to be displayed in the page legend.



The right aligned image to be displayed in the page legend.
The following public enumerations were added:Description
com.aspose.tasks.TextItemType.ChangedCellsChanged cells.