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Aspose.Tasks for Java 22.12 Release Notes

All Changes

KeySummaryIssue Type
TASKSNET-10724Fix escaping of text values when writing project to XER format.Enhancement
TASKSNET-10717Add LinkLagTimeSpan property to TaskLink.Enhancement
TASKSNET-3704Fix cost calculations for case when multiple rates are effective on a day.Enhancement
TASKSNET-10723Fix System.FormatException when reading a project from XER fileBug
TASKSNET-10722Fix creation of external task linksBug
TASKSNET-10721Fix addition of new table for a project saved without a template fileBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public methods were added:Description
com.aspose.tasks.Task.getExternalUid()Gets the external task’s Unique identifier when the task is external.
com.aspose.tasks.Task.setExternalUid(int)Set the external task’s Unique identifier when the task is external.
com.aspose.tasks.TaskLink.getLinkLagTimeSpan()Gets lag duration, depending on LagFormat.
com.aspose.tasks.TaskLink.setLinkLagTimeSpan(double)Sets lag duration, depending on LagFormat.
The following public enumerations were added:Description
com.aspose.tasks.TaskKey.ExternalUidRepresents the Unique Id of external task.
com.aspose.tasks.Tsk.EXTERNAL_UIDContains the external task’s Unique identifier when the task is external.

Examples and additional notes

Related issue: TASKSNET-10722 - Fix creation of external task links

New task’s methods were added : Tsk.getExternalUid() and Tsk.setExternalUid(int). MS Project requires Unique Id of External task to be set in order to properly link tasks between projects.

The following example shows how to create cross-project task link:

Project project = new Project();
Task summary = project.getRootTask().getChildren().add("Summary Task");

Task t2 = summary.getChildren().Add("External Task");
t2.set(String.class, Tsk.EXTERNAL_TASK_PROJECT.Clone(), "ExternalProject.mpp");
t2.set(Integer.class, Tsk.EXTERNAL_ID.Clone(), 1);
t2.set(Integer.class, Tsk.EXTERNAL_UID.Clone(), 2); // External task's Unique Id should be set.
t2.set(Boolean.class, Tsk.IS_EXTERNAL_TASK.Clone(), true);
t2.set(NullableBool.class, Tsk.IS_MANUAL.Clone(), new NullableBool(false));
t2.set(Boolean.class, Tsk.IS_SUMMARY.Clone(), false);

Task t = summary.getChildren().add("Task");
TaskLink link = project.getTaskLinks().add(t2, t);
link.setCrossProjectName("ExternalProject.mpp\\1"); // <- here external task's Id is used.