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Aspose.Tasks for .NET 8.1.0 Release Notes

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public classes were added:

Class nameDescription
Aspose.Tasks.Saving.HtmlSaveOptionsAllows to specify additional options when rendering project pages to HTML.

The following public fields were added to existing classes:

Field NameDescription
Aspose.Tasks.FileFormat.P6XMLRepresents Primavera P6 XML format.

The following public methods were added to existing classes:

Method NameDescription
void TaskCollection.Add(Task task)This method adds the instance of the Task class to the task collection.

The following public properties were added to existing classes:

Property nameDescription
List GanttChartView.CustomBarStyles)Returns a list of custom Gantt bar styles of the Gantt Chart view.
bool ExtendedAttribute.ValueReadOnlyReturns a flag which determines whether a value of the ExtendedAttribute instance is read-only.
Project ExtendedAttributeDefinition.ParentProjectReturns a parent project for the instance of the ExtendedAttributeDefinition class.
Project ExtendedAttributeDefinitionCollection.ParentProjectReturns a parent project for the instance of the ExtendedAttributeDefinitionCollection class.