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Aspose.Tasks for .NET 9.3.0 Release Notes

Major Features

Improved security and implemented a lot of optimization. We have supported Primavera SQLite database for reading. Recalculation option for ActualWork and RemainingWork task fields was supported. Some bugs have been fixed. Please see the list of changes below.

All Changes

TASKS-34444Support for Primavera SQLite DBNew Feature
TASKS-34499Support recalculation option for ActualWork and RemainingWork task fieldsNew Feature
TASKS-34509Provide new date format DateFormat.DateDdMMYyyy to render date like 19/07/2016Enhancement
TASKS-34409Aspose.Tasks for .NET API reads only first value of each list itemBug
TASKS-34441Wrong working times read from project CalendarBug
TASKS-34468Resaving MPP loses Resource Calendar Work Weeks time informationBug
TASKS-34479Extended attributes missing while reading task from MPPBug
TASKS-34480Writing Formulas in Custom FieldsBug
TASKS-34486Lookup option not selected when Number and Duration extended attributes both added simultaneouslyBug
TASKS-34490Duration extended attribute removed from task after saving the MPPBug
TASKS-34497Remaining work and actual work not summarized correctlyBug
TASKS-34500The signature of Aspose.Tasks.msi is corrupt or invalidBug
TASKS-34502Reading MPP file raises ProjectReadingExceptionBug
TASKS-34513Resaving the MPP file raises exceptionBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public classes were added:Description
Aspose.Tasks.LoadOptionsAllows to specify additional load parameters when loading a project from file or stream.
Aspose.Tasks.WorkWeekCollectionRepresents a collection of WorkWeek objects.
The following public constructors were added to existing class:**
Aspose.Tasks.Project(Stream, Aspose.Tasks.LoadOptions)Initializes a new instance of the Project class from the Stream with the specified instance of the LoadOptions class.
Aspose.Tasks.Project(string, Aspose.Tasks.LoadOptions)Initializes a new instance of the Project class from a template (existent mpp or mpt file) with the specified instance of the LoadOptions class.
The following public properties were added to existing classes:**
Aspose.Tasks.Group.MaintainHierarchyDetermines whether to show all the levels of summary tasks for subtasks within group.
Aspose.Tasks.Group.ShowInMenuReturns true if Project shows the group name in the Group drop-down list in the Ribbon.
Aspose.Tasks.Calendar.WorkWeeksReturns WorkWeekCollections object that is associated with the calendar.
The following fields were added to public enums:**
Aspose.Tasks.DateFormat.DateDdMmYyyyDate format like 17/03/2016
Aspose.Tasks.Visualization.DateLabel.DayDdMmYyyyDay format like 17/03/2016