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Aspose.Tasks for .NET 17.12 Release Notes


TASKSNET-1566Add support for setting a default font when a project is rendering into PDFNew Feature
TASKSNET-2195Task notes not saved for template file from MSP 2016Bug
TASKSNET-2184Resource assignment units raise exception when large value is setBug
TASKSNET-2177Task duration becomes zero if multiple resources are assignedBug
TASKSNET-2176Project reading exception while loading the MPP fileBug
TASKSNET-2171AT breaks the showing of GanttBarStyle for manual summary tasksBug
TASKSNET-2145Resource assignment has incorrect baseline start/finish dateBug
TASKSNET-2121FontFamily not set in MPPBug
TASKSNET-1908Header text is only changed for the default viewBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

Methods and Properties AddedDescription
Aspose.Tasks.Project.Save(System.String,Aspose.Tasks.Saving.PdfSaveOptions)Saves the document to a file using the specified save options.
Aspose.Tasks.Saving.PdfSaveOptions.DefaultFontNameGets or sets the default font for rendering.
Aspose.Tasks.Saving.PdfSaveOptions.UseProjectDefaultFontGets or sets a value indicating whether the default font must be used for rendering.