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Aspose.Tasks for .NET 17.7 Release Notes

All Changes

TASKSNET-1818Add support for text style information.Enhancement
TASKSNET-2018Program hangs while loading MPP into ProjectBug
TASKSNET-2014MPP file raises TasksReadingExceptionBug
TASKSNET-1993MPP file saved by MSP 2016 version 1706 raises exception while loading into ProjectBug
TASKSNET-1990An entry with the same key already exists - exceptionBug
TASKSNET-1989Exception raised while loading attached MPPBug
TASKSNET-1985TaskReadingException while loading MPP fileBug
TASKSNET-1935Aspose.Tasks for .NET is not setting the Bar color of Task and Summary task - MSP 2007Bug
TASKSNET-1859MPP project cannot be saved to MemoryStreamBug
TASKSNET-1805Lookup values not created properly in MPPBug
TASKSNET-1804TaskLink don’t affect the dates from successor task while using an MPP fileBug
TASKSNET-1798Exception raised while applying constraintBug
TASKSNET-1797Task baseline don’t save to MPP fileBug
TASKSNET-1706Finish date not recalculated properlyBug
TASKSNET-1622MPP to XLSX: Resultant file doesn’t contain any dataBug
TASKSNET-1612Exception is raised while loading Primavera XER fileBug
TASKSNET-1567Gantt chart task bar ends at one third of dayBug
TASKSNET-1564Tasks text style information lost while loading and saving MPP againBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public methods and properties were added:Description
Aspose.Tasks.Project.Save(System.IO.Stream,Aspose.Tasks.Saving.MPPSaveOptions)Saves the project to a stream using the specified save options.