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Aspose.Tasks for .NET 23.8 Release Notes

All Changes

KeySummaryIssue Type
TASKSNET-10890Add an API allowing to specify user’s font folder when system font folders cannot be accessed by the applicationEnhancement
TASKSNET-10953Exception when Aspose.Tasks 23.7 is installed alongside with Aspose.Drawing.23.7Bug
TASKSNET-4895Optimize memory footprint of large projectsEnhancement

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public types were added:Description
Aspose.Tasks.FontSettingsSpecifies font settings used when rendering project’s view.
The following public methods and properties were added:Description
Aspose.Tasks.FontSettings.DefaultFontNameGets or sets the default (or fallback) font for rendering.
Aspose.Tasks.FontSettings.UseProjectDefaultFontGets or sets a value indicating whether the default font must be used for rendering.
Aspose.Tasks.FontSettings.FontResolveCallbackGets or sets a callback which can be used to customize resolved fonts.
Aspose.Tasks.FontSettings.SetFontFolders(System.String[],System.Boolean)Sets the folders where Aspose.Tasks looks for TrueType fonts when rendering project’s view.
Aspose.Tasks.Saving.HtmlSaveOptions.FontSettingsSpecifies font settings used when rendering project’s view.
Aspose.Tasks.Saving.ImageSaveOptions.FontSettingsSpecifies font settings used when rendering project’s view.
Aspose.Tasks.Saving.PdfSaveOptions.FontSettingsSpecifies font settings used when rendering project’s view.
Aspose.Tasks.TimephasedData.CreateCostTimephased(System.Int32,System.DateTime,System.DateTime,System.Double,Aspose.Tasks.TimephasedDataType)Creates and initializes a new instance of the class for cost-based time phased data.