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Aspose.Tasks for Python via .NET 23.1 Release Notes

All Changes

KeySummaryIssue Type
TASKSNET-10758Add an API to access values of Labor Units for projects read from Primavera formatsEnhancement
TASKSNET-10756Fix reading of task priority column for MPX files where Priority column was saved using enum values.Enhancement
TASKSNET-10755Add an API to access fractional number values of Physical Percent Complete and PercentComplete for projects read from Primavera formats.Enhancement
TASKSNET-10759Fix calculation of summary task’s Duration property for project read from Primavera format: it should correspond to ‘Original Duration’, not to ‘At Completion Duration’.Bug
TASKSNET-10757Fix writing of MPX file to fix import errors reported by Microsoft Project 98 when importing MPX file created by Aspose.Tasks.Bug
TASKSNET-10746Fix missing constraint dates when saving the specific projectBug
TASKSNET-10745Fix IndexOutOfRangeException when saving the specific file to MPX formatBug
TASKSNET-10743Fix reading of timephased data from MPP formatBug
TASKSNET-10734Fix standard calendar’s days are shown as non-working in MS Project when opening a project created without a templateBug
TASKSNET-10740Fix reading of Link lag value when reading project from XER fileBug

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public methods and properties were added:Description
Aspose.Tasks.PrimaveraTaskProperties.PhysicalPercentCompleteGets the value of Physical Percent Complete.
Aspose.Tasks.PrimaveraTaskProperties.DurationPercentCompleteGets the value of duration percent complete.
Aspose.Tasks.PrimaveraTaskProperties.UnitsPercentCompleteGets the value of units percent complete.
Aspose.Tasks.PrimaveraTaskProperties.ActualLaborUnitsGets the value of actual labor units.
Aspose.Tasks.PrimaveraTaskProperties.ActualNonLaborUnitsGets the value of actual non labor units.
Aspose.Tasks.PrimaveraTaskProperties.RemainingLaborUnitsGets the value of remaining labor units.
Aspose.Tasks.PrimaveraTaskProperties.RemainingNonLaborUnitsGets the value of remaining non labor units.

Examples and additional notes

Related issue: TASKSNET-10759 - Fix calculation of summary task’s Duration property for project read from Primavera format: it should correspond to ‘Original Duration’, not to ‘At Completion Duration’.

Before 23.1 there were inconsistency with ‘Duration’ property for tasks read from Primavera P6 XML or XER format. Duration of non-summary tasks was set to Primavera’s ‘Original Duration’ column, whilst duration of summary tasks was calculated as ‘At Completion Duration’.

We fixed the behavior in 23.1 and now ‘Duration’ for summary and non-summary tasks should correspond to ‘Original Duration’ column of Primavera P6. The value of ‘At Completion Duration’ property can be get as a sum of task.ActualDuration and task.RemainingDuration.