Aspose.Words for Java 10.7.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for Java 10.7 Release Notes

There are 112 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. Most notable changes are:

  • ActiveX controls are supported in DOCX documents.
  • Custom footnote marks rendering.
  • Improvements in rendering floating shapes.
  • DrawingML rendering improvements.
  • More field types are supported by the field update engine.
  • Ability to specify a thumbnail image for EPUB documents.
  • Improvements to 1bpp and also CMYK images in rendering.
  • Better support for date and number formats in mail merges.

All fixes

Key Summary

WORDSJAVA-21 The image looks incorrect after converting to PDF.

WORDSJAVA-376 Line join round is not rendered to graphics in Java

WORDSJAVA-407 Lines rendering to graphics are not visible

WORDSJAVA-420 Can’t read jpeg image with cmyk colorspace.

WORDSJAVA-441 MailMerge fields with Word-style mask formatting of number to date.

WORDSJAVA-443 Parse Date formatted as “YYYY/MM/DD”

WORDSJAVA-448 small Gdi renderer regression: transparent background became withe

WORDSJAVA-452 Indexed 1bpp bitmap with alpha is corrupted while saving to PDF

WORDSNET-1675 Allow multiple paragraphs in endnote text in layout

WORDSNET-2030 Support rendering of all MS Word gradient fills in PDF.

WORDSNET-2349 Gradient looks incorrect during rendering /converting to PDF.

WORDSNET-2554 FitShapeToText option does not work during rendering.

WORDSNET-2727 Field values are missed after open/save RTF document.

WORDSNET-2736 OLE data is lost upon reading RTF document.

WORDSNET-3248 /fields/ MacroButton is not displayed during rendering.

WORDSNET-3445 Width of table is changed after open/save RTF document.

WORDSNET-3480 Line break in page header missing after convertign to DOC.

WORDSNET-3615 Support opening Office 2010 password protected documents.

WORDSNET-3652 Images are missing on the first page when converted DOC to ODT

WORDSNET-3790 /hidden/ Table after hidden paragraph marker disappears during rendering to PDF

WORDSNET-3834 Table of Figures and Table of Tables are updated improperly.

WORDSNET-3847 Grouped shapes lose the gradient fill.

WORDSNET-3851 Vertical position of text in text box is wrong

WORDSNET-3893 _PID_HLINKS is listed in CustomDocumentProperties, while MS Word does not show it.

WORDSNET-3899 If save document as TIF with RLE compression output image is bitonal, but customer expects colored image.

WORDSNET-3908 Add an option to specify the thumbnail image for EPUB

WORDSNET-3989 Add support of relative units on table elements in HTML import.

WORDSNET-4047 /activex/ Support ActiveX controls in DOCX

WORDSNET-4131 Make sure Aspose.Words .NET 3.5 client profile does not have refference to System.Web.

WORDSNET-4139 RTF to PDF: Endnotes are missing in output

WORDSNET-4149 Embedded bitmap is converted to simple image

WORDSNET-4267 Update SAVEDATE fields.

WORDSNET-4313 Open and save document causes crash when resaving the output document in MS Word

WORDSNET-4420 /embedded fonts/ Font licensed to Print or Preview-only looks incorrect during rendering.

WORDSNET-4538 Text and logo are shifted when printing PDF and DOC documents.

WORDSNET-4578 Text is overlapped by image during rendering.

WORDSNET-4590 The field names are changed after the conversion to pdf.

WORDSNET-4596 Support scheme colors in outline of DML pictures

WORDSNET-4614 Create HashSet util class and change Hashtable to HashSet when appropriate

WORDSNET-4652 List item incorrectly indented in ODT output

WORDSNET-4664 Center alignment is not correct when render to pdf or xps

WORDSNET-4680 Aspose.Words does not update Author/Title field

WORDSNET-4729 AW eats all memory and hangs upon updating fields.

WORDSNET-4730 Document looks different after open\save.

WORDSNET-4757 Embedded zip is converted to simple image

WORDSNET-4761 System.NullReferenceException occurred while saving document.

WORDSNET-4801 Incorrect page background color returned from ODT document.

WORDSNET-4805 Text of MACROBUTTON field is corrupted while saving into html.

WORDSNET-4835 DOCX document produced by Aspose.Words cannot be opened by Word 2010

WORDSNET-4841 Header disappears after open/save.

WORDSNET-4843 The indention of the second level in TOC is incorrect after UpdateFields

WORDSNET-4851 ImageFieldMerging Method of the IFieldMergingCallback does not call.

WORDSNET-4852 /embedded fonts/ Implement EmbeddedOpenType->OpenType conversion.

WORDSNET-4880 Part of content disappears after open/save.

WORDSNET-4883 /text wrap:3/ Textbox position is incorrect during rendering.

WORDSNET-4886 /text wrap:3/ Position of image is incorrect during rendering.

WORDSNET-4899 Text is incorrectly rendered around floating shape.

WORDSNET-4913 Investigate all the text box issues in TestDefect3873.

WORDSNET-4937 /floater column position:10/ Position of images is changed during rendering.

WORDSNET-4938 /floater column position:10/ Support Column horizontal position for floaters with anchors inside a wrapped lines

WORDSNET-4972 Header disappears during rendering.

WORDSNET-5030 /floater column position:10/ Position of shape is incorrect after rendering.

WORDSNET-5062 /restart reflow with relative floaters:5/ Header on the second page disappears after rendering.

WORDSNET-5100 NullReferenceException is thrown upon saving the document to DOCX.

WORDSNET-5126 DrawingML looks incorrect during rendering.

WORDSNET-5170 Support far east layout in RTF.

WORDSNET-5206 Checkboxes in DOCX document loses their functionality after open/save using Aspose.Words.

WORDSNET-5215 “Two Lines in One” option is lost after converting document to RTF or DOCX

WORDSNET-5216 “Horizontal in Vertical” option is lost after converting document to RTF

WORDSNET-5217 Make exported dc:identifier unique

WORDSNET-5224 WordArt looks incorrect after converting RTF document to other flow formats.

WORDSNET-5237 Export multiple authors as a separate tags in ePub

WORDSNET-5254 Word Pad on Windows XP shows some characters improperly.

WORDSNET-5271 Footnote mark is improperly rendered.

WORDSNET-5272 Custom footnote marks are rendered as numbers.

WORDSNET-5275 /floater column position:10/ Position of shapes is incorrect during rendering.

WORDSNET-5294 “FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening file.

WORDSNET-5313 InvalidCastException occurs during UpdateFields

WORDSNET-5318 RTF document looks incorrect after open/save using Aspose.Words.

WORDSNET-5323 /custom footnote/ FileCorruptedException occurs during loading

WORDSNET-5324 /custom footnote/ Error in opening a Word file (.docx)

WORDSNET-5336 ODT document looks incorrect after open/save.

WORDSNET-5341 Warn user during load and save operations when document contains unsupported Shape features.

WORDSNET-5366 InvalidOperationException occurs during converting to XPS.

WORDSNET-5369 Create a migration from automation section and add a migration tip

WORDSNET-5381 Ole object is broken.

WORDSNET-5400 Some DocVariables cannot be updated in MS Word after open/save document using Aspose.Words.

WORDSNET-5410 Gradient is rendered as solid fill.

WORDSNET-5422 FileCorruptedException occurs during loading.

WORDSNET-5436 Upon Opening DOCX Exception is raised

WORDSNET-5450 Shape with automatic size is rendered shrinked vertically.

WORDSNET-5457 InvalidOperationException occurs during update fields.

WORDSNET-5459 Fix some issues with the visuals in the MSI installer

WORDSNET-5465 “Window/Orphan control” option is lost after converting document to RTF.

WORDSNET-5467 Asian Typography Line Break options are lost during converting doc to rtf.

WORDSNET-5478 InvalidOperationException occurs during update fields after mail merge.

WORDSNET-5480 SDT that surrounds TOC disappears during open/save.

WORDSNET-5481 ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs during converting to XPS

WORDSNET-5492 Table columns change width after open/save RTF

WORDSNET-5509 MHT file imported incorrectly

WORDSNET-5512 FileCorruptedException upon loading DOC

WORDSNET-5513 FileCorruptedException is thrown upon importing DOCX file.

WORDSNET-5514 FileCorruptedException is thrown upon importing DOCX file.

WORDSNET-5515 FileCorruptedException is thrown upon importing DOCX file.

WORDSNET-5518 Cannot switch document to “Page layout” mode after open/save.

WORDSNET-5541 Content is overlapped after open/save ODT document.

WORDSNET-5553 Additional paragraph break are added after open/save document.

WORDSNET-5555 Floating table in the header is overlapped by the body’s content

WORDSNET-5559 Default.aspx.resx for VB cannot be found after install using MSI

WORDSNET-583 Expose PreferredWidth

WORDSNET-692 Support PAGEREF fields with options

WORDSNET-946 Add a lot of options to HTML export