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Aspose.Words for Java 11.9.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for Java 11.9 Release Notes

What’s New

There are 152 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Many more features supported when rendering DrawingML charts.
  • Borders for “conforming” paragraphs are exported to HTML correctly.
  • It is possible to specify image size now when inserting images during mail merge.
  • Significant improvements to layout of floating tables when converting to PDF and XPS.
  • Improvements to handling of spaces for East Asian languages when converting to PDF and XPS.
  • Improvements to RTL text layout when converting to PDF and XPS.

For a list of changes to the public API in this release refer to the following article in the documentation.

All Fixes

WORDSJAVA-609Short hour DateTime formatBug
WORDSJAVA-610Yet another .NET DateTime custom patternsEnhancement
WORDSJAVA-623DateTime.Parse support of localesEnhancement
WORDSJAVA-624DateTime parser support of TimeZonesEnhancement
WORDSJAVA-625DateTime parser support of custom formatsEnhancement
WORDSJAVA-640automatic import of CultureInfo data from .NETEnhancement
WORDSJAVA-641Parse date strings formatted with custom DateTimeFormatInfoEnhancement
WORDSJAVA-628Public API to set ImageColorMode (Grayscale, BlackAndWhite) in ImageSaveOptions.Feature
WORDSNET-4160MergeFields which contain white spaces in the name are not replaced with value during mail merge.Bug
WORDSNET-4782Paragraph SpaceAfter/SpaceBefore is incorrect.Bug
WORDSNET-5688If TOC is inside table cell, its page numbers on right become invisibleBug
WORDSNET-5933File name in hyperlink URL gets corrupted when exporting to PDFBug
WORDSNET-6021Font is changed during converting DOCX to RTFBug
WORDSNET-6064Incorrect paragraph borders heightBug
WORDSNET-6269Standard style lost when open/save Word document.Bug
WORDSNET-6304Missing spaces in document after resave the docx fileBug
WORDSNET-6367Field value is surrounded by unwanted border in DOCXBug
WORDSNET-6397Calling StructuredDocumentTag.ChildNodes.Clear() removes the SDT itselfBug
WORDSNET-6435Table in Header overlaps the Table in body during rendering to fixed page formatsBug
WORDSNET-6540Paragraph Mirror Indenting IssueBug
WORDSNET-6606Drop Cap: DropCapPostion property not working properlyBug
WORDSNET-6631Leading space is missing upon rendering DOCX document to PDF, while using Aspose.Words v11.5.0.Bug
WORDSNET-6652cell.CellFormat.HorizontalMerge do not return correct valueBug
WORDSNET-6756Changed behaviour of Form field while rendering DOCX to PDFBug
WORDSNET-6811Bullets are rendering as square boxes in fixed page formatsBug
WORDSNET-6837Text font issue while converting Docx to PdfBug
WORDSNET-6858SpecialChars are displaying as question marks in DOCBug
WORDSNET-6895Text is repeated when converting Docx to PDFBug
WORDSNET-6911StructuredDocumentTag Dropdown and ComboBox SelectedValue is nullBug
WORDSNET-6913FORMCHECKBOX fields don’t appear after calling doc.UpdateFieldsBug
WORDSNET-6918Floating table in Word duplicates when converted to PDFBug
WORDSNET-6951RTF to Doc conversion issue with Line spacing and Spacing after after adding section breaksBug
WORDSNET-6969Right-To-Left Hebrew RTF conversion to DOC/DOCX problemsBug
WORDSNET-6976Docx to Epub file conversion issue with image renderingBug
WORDSNET-6985Doc to RTF conversion issue with text renderingBug
WORDSNET-6990Doc to PDF conversion issue with Japanese charactersBug
WORDSNET-7006Docx to PDF conversion issue with bullet, bullet is italicBug
WORDSNET-7009Docx to PDF conversion issue with StructuredDocumentTagBug
WORDSNET-7017Dot To PDF conversion issue with checkboxesBug
WORDSNET-7018RTF to PDF conversion issue with contents renderingBug
WORDSNET-7019A text box with vertical text is rendered horizontally.Bug
WORDSNET-7020HTML to TXT conversion issue with text renderingBug
WORDSNET-7021Doc to PDF conversion issue with image renderingBug
WORDSNET-7026A floating table overlaps another floating tableBug
WORDSNET-7028Tables in DOC are imported as Rows in DOMBug
WORDSNET-7029GetText returns text with incorrect character encodingBug
WORDSNET-7030Set Bookmark’s text to empty string change the text formatting/styleBug
WORDSNET-7031BFFValidator does not validate DOC produced by Aspose.WordsBug
WORDSNET-7032InvalidOperationException occurs when calling SetLicenseBug
WORDSNET-7035Treat ‘\x3000’ (Ideographic Space) at the end of a line as normal Space characterBug
WORDSNET-7048IF field fails to update when true or false argument is mergedBug
WORDSNET-7051RTF to Doc conversion issue with Track changesBug
WORDSNET-7053Text in Textbox is cut off after conversionBug
WORDSNET-7057Page numbering scheme is not correct in PDFBug
WORDSNET-7072Doc to PDF conversion issue with Shape RenderingBug
WORDSNET-7081Glyphs become squares in Doc to PDF conversionBug
WORDSNET-7082Unable to set Width and Height of DrawingML in fixed page formatsBug
WORDSNET-7089Doc to Docx conversion issue with table widthBug
WORDSNET-7092Telephone symbol in DOCX is rendering as question mark in PDFBug
WORDSNET-7098AcceptAllRevisions inserts a square box character in DOCXBug
WORDSNET-7146RTL text is reversed when converting to TIFFBug
WORDSNET-3903White-spaces are replaced with tabs after open/save document.Enhancement
WORDSNET-4070Font size is chenged upon loading DOCX document.Enhancement
WORDSNET-4732Name and description of DrawingML object are lost after converting to WMLEnhancement
WORDSNET-5036Position of floating table is incorrect.Enhancement
WORDSNET-5954Shapes are getting overlapped and positioned incorrectly in fixed page formatsEnhancement
WORDSNET-6027/floater par Y/ Table’s position is changed after doc to pdf conversionEnhancement
WORDSNET-6207Support insertion of SVG imagesEnhancement
WORDSNET-6314Shape overlaps its child Paragraphs in PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-6373Docx to PDF conversion issue with table overlap (Allow overlap = true)Enhancement
WORDSNET-6425Text of text boxes and shapes is not exported in output PDF fileEnhancement
WORDSNET-6442Support getting text wrapping bounds for DrawingML objects.Enhancement
WORDSNET-6504Issue with AppendDocument method, the image disappears after appending document.Enhancement
WORDSNET-6665Extra frames around text on HTML to DOCX conversionEnhancement
WORDSNET-6686Nested floating table position incorrect, overlaps another table.Enhancement
WORDSNET-6885Alignment of cell contents is imported incorrectlyEnhancement
WORDSNET-6938Support elements overlapping on chart area.Enhancement
WORDSNET-6981Rework EMF and WMF clippingEnhancement
WORDSNET-6995Improve handling of Auto flag in Axis.Enhancement
WORDSNET-6998Support suppressOverlap paragraph attributeEnhancement
WORDSNET-7024Paragraph MirrorIndents attribute is lost after open/save RTFEnhancement
WORDSNET-7043Add supported features for OOXML Chart renderingEnhancement
WORDSNET-7044Create a list of new API changes for this months releaseEnhancement
WORDSNET-7049Issue with SECTIONPAGES field when Docx file is converted to PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-7058Floating frame is rendering at the right edge of pageEnhancement
WORDSNET-7060DrawingML formula is rendered incorrectlyEnhancement
WORDSNET-7065Floating tables are overlapping each other in fixed page formatsEnhancement
WORDSNET-7075Incorporate code from API changes article into main code baseEnhancement
WORDSNET-7076Update any articles that reference ToTxt methodEnhancement
WORDSNET-7093Bold font formatting is lost when rendering to PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-7109Font size renders smaller than the actual size in DOCXEnhancement
WORDSNET-7144Floating table is broken between pages in pdf outputEnhancement
WORDSNET-7170Unexpected square boxes appear when converting to TIFF formatEnhancement
WORDSNET-3945UriFormatException is thrown upon executign mail merge.Exception
WORDSNET-4618StackOverflowException occurs upon updating fields.Exception
WORDSNET-5624IndexOutOfRangeException occurs upon executing mail merge.Exception
WORDSNET-5927Exception while using updateFields() after appending documentException
WORDSNET-6108Exception while using mail merge with nested regionsException
WORDSNET-6232InvalidOperationException occurs during converting DOCX to DOCException
WORDSNET-6700Office 2013 document throwing Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedExceptionException
WORDSNET-6949ArgumentOutOfRangeException occurs on specifying TxtSaveOptions.PreserveTableLayout propertyException
WORDSNET-6984Unable to load a Word 2013 document into Aspose.Words’ DOMException
WORDSNET-6988Image.GetFrameCount(FrameDimension) throws GDI+ errorException
WORDSNET-7000UnsupportedFileFormatException occurs when loading a TEXT file into DOMException
WORDSNET-7011NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to PDFException
WORDSNET-7042Exception throws while converting Docx to PDF conversionException
WORDSNET-7047Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading ODT fileException
WORDSNET-7071InvalidOperationException occurs during exporting to ePubException
WORDSNET-7091System.ArgumentException occurs when processing document in multiple threadsException
WORDSNET-7100UnsupportedFileFormatException occurs when loading a TEXT file into DOMException
WORDSNET-7107Exception on saving Doc file to Doc/DocxException
WORDSNET-7108InvalidOperationException occurs during rendering DOC to PNGException
WORDSNET-7176Exception on converting Docx to PDF/XPSException
WORDSNET-2809/conforming borders/ Border around few paragraphs appears for each paragraph in HTML.Feature
WORDSNET-3909Support rendering DrawingML basic featuresFeature
WORDSNET-4479/conforming borders/ Extra border line appears upon HTML export.Feature
WORDSNET-4702Allow specifying image size in Image:Mergefield.Feature
WORDSNET-5087Support “Allow overlap” attribute for floaters.Feature
WORDSNET-5190Floating table moves to the top of the page and overlaps content when renderingFeature
WORDSNET-5362Add the ability to intercept an image being inserted into a documentFeature
WORDSNET-5951/conforming borders/ While converting docx to html, additional borders are generated.Feature
WORDSNET-6054/conforming borders/ Hide borders between paragraphs if they have the save formatFeature
WORDSNET-6116Floating table overlaps in rendered outputFeature
WORDSNET-6521Floating table overlaps another floating table in PDFFeature
WORDSNET-6767Implement ASK and FILLIN fieldsFeature
WORDSNET-6774Add support for locked fields (fldLock attribute)Feature
WORDSNET-6915Floating tables are overlapping each other in fixed page formatsFeature
WORDSNET-6935Support Data Point formatting.Feature
WORDSNET-6936Support custom font formatting.Feature
WORDSNET-6937Support manual layout of chart elements.Feature
WORDSNET-6939Support custom axis formatting.Feature
WORDSNET-6940Support custom legend formatting.Feature
WORDSNET-6957Horizontal axis labels are rendered improperly.Feature
WORDSNET-6958Make sure charts are rendered upon converting to flow formats.Feature
WORDSNET-6959Support explosion upon rendering Pie charts.Feature
WORDSNET-6961Support gap width upon rendering bar charts.Feature
WORDSNET-6970Floating tables are overlapping the first Paragraph in PDFFeature
WORDSNET-6996Support tickLblPos upon rendering axis labels.Feature
WORDSNET-7039Docx to PDF conversion issue with image positionFeature
WORDSNET-7056Floating tables are overlapping each other in fixed page formatsFeature
WORDSNET-7061A document with DrawingML Chart is not rendered.Feature
WORDSNET-7094Images overlap each otherFeature
WORDSNET-7126Support locked fieldsFeature
WORDSNET-6925Visio.Drawing.11 objects are rendered very slow to PDFPerformance
WORDSNET-6982Interrupt metafile processing if fall-back should be performedPerformance
WORDSNET-6992Column width is imported incorrectly from HTMLRegression
WORDSNET-7025am/pm mergefield time format is no longer workingRegression