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Aspose.Words for Java 15.11.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for Java 15.11 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 146 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Improvements to rendering of images on Mono.
  • Some new public methods and properties for picture bullets, checkboxes, fields, styles.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Many improvements in rendering of WordArt, gradient fill, SmartArt, DrawingML.
  • Fixes and improvements in all document format conversions.

All Changes

WORDSJAVA-1172Time shift of LastSavedTime document property after updateFields() when PreProcessCulture is set.Bug
WORDSJAVA-1182<c:pt idx><c:v>… tag has incorrect values while in multi-threading modeBug
WORDSJAVA-1196Dates being pushed back by one day when converting from Word to PDFBug
WORDSJAVA-1199Slash instead of space generated by “m” and “y” .NET - style fixed datetime format on some locales.Bug
WORDSJAVA-1202Images are not visible in generated documentBug
WORDSJAVA-817Document.Print create multiple spool items when used with FirstPageTray/OtherPagesTrayBug
WORDSJAVA-1204Support CLOB data in mail merge fields.Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-1210Veracode Security Scan issue for Aspose.Words 15.10.Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-1215Regex does not work in IReplacingCallback.Enhancement
WORDSJAVA-1166Load and Save rtf cause OutOfMemoryException
WORDSJAVA-1181DataSet.readXmlSchema throws java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsExceptionException
WORDSJAVA-1194Sealing Violation Exception while converting from Word to TiffException
WORDSJAVA-1200executeWithRegions throws
WORDSJAVA-1203Aspose.Words for Java 15.10.0 throws WindowsNativeCall on LinuxException
WORDSJAVA-1209Aspose.Words for Java 15.10.0 throws WindowsNativeCall on LinuxException
WORDSJAVA-1222License issue with Aspose.Words 15.10.0 for JavaException
WORDSJAVA-1212XPathEvaluator for java: evaluate xpath expressions inside INCLUDETEXT field.Feature
WORDSJAVA-1144Missed markers on line charts while saving to Pdf in multithread.Regression
WORDSJAVA-1205Aspose Words Performance problemRegression
WORDSNET-10924DrawingML text is not visible in PDFBug
WORDSNET-10984Font color of Paragraph is changed after conversion from Docx to Doc/PdfBug
WORDSNET-10985Font properties are changed after conversion from Docx to Doc/PdfBug
WORDSNET-10986Page break is missing after conversion from Docx to Doc/PdfBug
WORDSNET-11156Document.UpdateFields changes the DrawingML to GroupShapeBug
WORDSNET-11329Position of auto-fitted rotated DML textbox is incorrect for some anglesBug
WORDSNET-11499Document.UpdatePageLayout hangsBug
WORDSNET-11659Document.UpdateFields changes the individual Shapes into GroupShapeBug
WORDSNET-11672SpanText.IsAsianPunctuationCompressingNeeded() should depend on the option Paragraph.WordWrap for some characters.Bug
WORDSNET-11691Document.Unprotect does not fully unprotect DocxBug
WORDSNET-11757List numbers are changed after re-saving Docx.Bug
WORDSNET-11898Rotated text box is not rotated when saved to PDFBug
WORDSNET-11950Images in Textboxes are not always rendered correctlyBug
WORDSNET-12009Shapes are missing after conversion form Docx to PdfBug
WORDSNET-12016Document.Unprotect(password) does not unprotect DocxBug
WORDSNET-12072Hyphenation not working correctly with vertical textBug
WORDSNET-12086German characters issue when converting from .doc to .rtfBug
WORDSNET-12089Paragraph styles Heading 1 & 2 change to Heading 11 and Heading 21 in DOCXBug
WORDSNET-12194Shape (text) rotation is lost after conversion from Docx to PdfBug
WORDSNET-12218endnotes.xml, footnotes.xml and hidden data from document.xml is missing from output DOCXBug
WORDSNET-12231Textbox is rotated by 90 degrees in rendered PDFBug
WORDSNET-12240Model reports incorrect border widthBug
WORDSNET-12262Docx to Html conversion issue with list labelBug
WORDSNET-12418Heading 1 style does not apply inside table when InsertHtml is usedBug
WORDSNET-12442Table header does not repeat in output PdfBug
WORDSNET-12452Last paragraph line justified text problem in PDFBug
WORDSNET-12456Document.UpdateFields changes the TabLeader in TOCBug
WORDSNET-12484Text layout is changed after conversion from Doc to PdfBug
WORDSNET-12509WordArt text does not render in output HtmlFixedBug
WORDSNET-12528Text formatting is not correct inside SDT after using DocumentBuilder.InsertDocumentBug
WORDSNET-12545Position of shapes are changed in output DocxBug
WORDSNET-12549Chart is not rendered correctly in pdfBug
WORDSNET-12550Surface chart is modified after calling UpdatePageLayoutBug
WORDSNET-12565Shape Size and Bounds are NaN when Aspose.Words v15.9.0 is usedBug
WORDSNET-12566Shape’s text formatting style is lost after saving Docx to Docx/PdfBug
WORDSNET-12573Text is missing in the output PDFBug
WORDSNET-12583StyleCollection.AddCopy ignores style’s list level number style propertyBug
WORDSNET-12592Missing outline \Title field when saving to PDFBug
WORDSNET-12596Comment numbering is wrong in generated PDFBug
WORDSNET-12597/interscript spacing/ The line is wrapped incorrectlyBug
WORDSNET-12606Docx to Html conversion issue with list labelBug
WORDSNET-12608Shape with texture fill disappears in output PdfBug
WORDSNET-12610Shape is stretched out in output PdfBug
WORDSNET-12612SmartArt does not render correctly in output image format/doc/pdfBug
WORDSNET-12614Run.Font.Name return incorrect valueBug
WORDSNET-12619Save to PDF - footer table does not adjust between landscape and portraitBug
WORDSNET-12624The space between list number and list text is increased after re-saving DocBug
WORDSNET-12625Windings font hand symbol coloring changes in PDFBug
WORDSNET-12642TestJira11292 position of textboxes is slightly changed when render in DrawingML mode.Bug
WORDSNET-12647Legend and Axis of chart become invisible after calling UpdatePageLayoutBug
WORDSNET-12648Hebrew list labels are not rendered correctly in output PDFBug
WORDSNET-12659Shape’s text position is incorrect in output Doc/PdfBug
WORDSNET-12671Contents are pushed down to page after saving Docx to PdfBug
WORDSNET-12673Values in chart are incorrect in rendered documentBug
WORDSNET-12691Last Line in Paragraph Justified in PDFBug
WORDSNET-12706SmartArt does not render correctly in output Pdf/image file formatBug
WORDSNET-12710Styles.AddCopy ignores Font.Name of styleBug
WORDSNET-1566/table grid/ Table in the footer has wrong size in DOCXBug
WORDSNET-1654Table column widths are calculated to less than neededBug
WORDSNET-1973Tab characters are not recognized correctly upon opening HTML/MHTML document.Bug
WORDSNET-2135The table structure is exported incorrectlyBug
WORDSNET-4079UseFELayout does not work for DOC, RTF and WML.Bug
WORDSNET-4902Table.UpdateTableLayout calculates too large cell widthsBug
WORDSNET-4958Size of floating table is changed after calling UpdatePageLayout.Bug
WORDSNET-5148Bookmark is not removed when AcceptAllRevisions.Bug
WORDSNET-5157mono / Images rendered to HTML format look distorted in MonoBug
WORDSNET-5501Floating table is moved to previous page and partially disappears.Bug
WORDSNET-5882Horisontally merged cells rendered incorrectly when saved to image.Bug
WORDSNET-6462WordArt shape is incorrect when converting DOC to any flow formatBug
WORDSNET-6718Cell.GetText() return incorrect textBug
WORDSNET-7617Unable to view Shapes when opening DOCX in edit mode in GoogleDocsBug
WORDSNET-8007Shape fill color/opacity is not preserved during open/saveBug
WORDSNET-8387Bullets and Numbers are not rendering in PDF for tracked documentBug
WORDSNET-8848Document.UpdateFields set TOC tab leaders to dotsBug
WORDSNET-9974Image is rotated after conversion from Doc to PDFBug
WORDSNET-10613Doc to Pdf conversion issue with table’s renderingEnhancement
WORDSNET-10787Some tests is red if SaveOptions.DmlRenderingMode flag is set DmlRenderingMode.DrawingMLEnhancement
WORDSNET-11354A nested Table is not preserved when rendering to PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-11598Text shape is transformed to text box or frameEnhancement
WORDSNET-12076Docx to Pdf conversion issue with image and text positionEnhancement
WORDSNET-12542Use different set of characters for Chinese/Japanese hanging punctuation when altKinsoku is enabledEnhancement
WORDSNET-12620Table next to picture is moved towards the right page edge in PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-12690Shapes position is changed in output PdfEnhancement
WORDSNET-12725Table is shifted right side of page in output PdfEnhancement
WORDSNET-1967mono / Rendering to image on MONO produces ugly resultsEnhancement
WORDSNET-5061/rotated nested floaters:10/ Orientation of table is incorrect after rendering.Enhancement
WORDSNET-8300Improve export of paragraphs with hanging indent to HTML with embedded CSSEnhancement
WORDSNET-11793Document.PageCount throws System.InvalidOperationExceptionException
WORDSNET-11961Document.UpdateFields throws System.InvalidOperationExceptionException
WORDSNET-12101System.IO.EndOfStreamException is thrown while re-saving DocException
WORDSNET-12223Document.UpdatePageLayout throws System.NullReferenceExceptionException
WORDSNET-12408Document.UpdateFields throws System.InvalidOperationExceptionException
WORDSNET-12494Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs upon loading a RTFException
WORDSNET-12522ExecuteWithRegions throws System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when NumberGroupSeparator is used as “,”Exception
WORDSNET-12530Document.Range.Replace is throwing exception when isForward is set to trueException
WORDSNET-12537MailMerge.Execute throws System.NullReferenceExceptionException
WORDSNET-12571Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs upon loading a DOCException
WORDSNET-12603Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading Word 2003 XMLException
WORDSNET-12616System.DivideByZeroException is thrown while loading DocxException
WORDSNET-12641System.InvalidOperationException is thrown while converting Doc to PdfException
WORDSNET-12653LINQ + XML foreach breaks for missing elements in XMLException
WORDSNET-12664System.OverflowException is thrown while loading RTFException
WORDSNET-12666Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs upon loading a DOCXException
WORDSNET-12669Document.Save throws System.ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionException
WORDSNET-12698Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading DocxException
WORDSNET-9598mono / Unable to convert Word documents with images to Html on linux with monoException
WORDSNET-10012Provide way to get/set default font of documentFeature
WORDSNET-10028Support document level default font and paragraph settingsFeature
WORDSNET-11867Add feature to get/set the Shape/Image of Picture BulletFeature
WORDSNET-11871DocumentBuilder.InsertCheckBox inserts check box with incorrect default valueFeature
WORDSNET-12298UpdateFields should support XPath Expression in INCLUDETEXT fieldFeature
WORDSNET-12531Replace underscore with space in bookmark name when it is exported to PdfFeature
WORDSNET-12559Need support for ruby with multiple base and top parts and each part having its own formatting.Feature
WORDSNET-12561ReportingEngine.buildReport throws exception if child method on a missing object is calledFeature
WORDSNET-12562ReportingEngine.buildReport throws exception if a missing collection is used in foreachFeature
WORDSNET-12567Text effect is lost after saving Docx to PdfFeature
WORDSNET-12661Add an option in PdfSaveOptions not to update fieldsFeature
WORDSNET-2095Outline level headings are imported incorrectlyFeature
WORDSNET-3400ODF Plugfest 20100415. Numbering is lost during ODT to ODT conversion.Feature
WORDSNET-4102STYLEREF field shows error “Error! No text of specified style in document.” in the output PDF document.Feature
WORDSNET-4292Consider adding properties to retrieve the document defaultsFeature
WORDSNET-5560Support style autoupdateFeature
WORDSNET-7140/margins rotated text box/ Wrong textbox size is calculatedFeature
WORDSNET-9538/vertical text/ Chinese characters rotate to 90 degree when Doc file is printedFeature
WORDSNET-2118/slow/ It takes a lot of time to convert document with simple text to PDF.Performance
WORDSNET-12462DocumentBuilder.InsertImage ignores the specified height/widthRegression
WORDSNET-12623Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs upon loading a DOCXRegression