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Aspose.Words for Java 15.6.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for Java 15.6 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 89 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

Public Chart API

Public API for Custom Mark in footnotes

LINQ Reporting Engine supports charts

HTML/MHTML with framesets is preserved during open/save

Using IImageSavingCallback allows to change image filenames

Password verification in write-protected documents

Support for culture invariant languages in DOCX/WML e.g. IT, FR, GE

Improved footnote handling: support for paragraph rules and better positioning

Reworked row collapsing feature according to changed behavior of Word

Improved clipping of shapes nested in table cells in documents generated by Word 2013

Printer metrics are supported on the Windows platform.

All Changes

WORDSJAVA-1028Pixel shift of thin line, rectangular fill.Bug
WORDSJAVA-1065Enlarged crop of image.Bug
WORDSJAVA-1069Tab inside a list number in TOC are converted to space.Bug
WORDSJAVA-1074Float font size is truncated when Printer metrics compatibility option is on.Bug
WORDSJAVA-1079Docx to Html conversion issue with chart yAxis labelsBug
WORDSJAVA-1084‘signature is invalid’ message still appears in output pdfBug
WORDSJAVA-952Table cell width roundtrip.Bug
WORDSJAVA-953Add feature to support printer metrics on Windows platform.Feature
WORDSNET-10269Docx to HtmlFixed conversion issue with bullets renderingBug
WORDSNET-10311Microsoft Word displays 2 tables instead of one, for a .doc created with Aspose.WordsBug
WORDSNET-10770Include text doesn’t retain the page orientationBug
WORDSNET-10801SDT values are not presserved when appending Document to another DocumentBug
WORDSNET-10989/java + printer metrics/ Content move to next page after conversion from Doc to PdfBug
WORDSNET-11315Docx->HTML->Docx conversion issue with bulletsBug
WORDSNET-11369Corrupt document is saved while using NodeImporter.ImportNode with empty documentBug
WORDSNET-11579CSS for table’s cell does not work correctlyBug
WORDSNET-11689Bug in image conversion - getting black images in HTMLBug
WORDSNET-11741A rectangle appears in output Pdf after conversion from DocBug
WORDSNET-11753Shapes shrink too much after applying soft edge effect.Bug
WORDSNET-11758RTF to Html conversion issue with cell margin and spacingBug
WORDSNET-11777Image is rotated if we convert DOCX to other formatsBug
WORDSNET-11792Shape does not preserve after saving Docx to Doc/Docx/PdfBug
WORDSNET-11855Shape.AlternativeText returns empty string for shapes inside GroupShapeBug
WORDSNET-11856Shape.Name returns empty string for shapes inside GroupShapeBug
WORDSNET-11861Shadow, oulining effects on text are incorrect during rendering to PDFBug
WORDSNET-11863/content in nested cell clipping/ A logo picture gets truncated from the bottom during renderingBug
WORDSNET-11872ImportFormatMode.KEEP_DIFFERENT_STYLES keeps adding similar stylesBug
WORDSNET-11882Dotted borders are not rendered correctly after DOC to PDFBug
WORDSNET-11890Table is corrupted during open/save a DOCXBug
WORDSNET-11899Aspose.Words locks when opening some DOCX filesBug
WORDSNET-11906RTF to Docx conversion issue with font nameBug
WORDSNET-11907Document.UpdateFields does not update SUM(LEFT) and SUM(ABOVE) fieldsBug
WORDSNET-11914Dml shadow for text is clipped.Bug
WORDSNET-11954Shadow renders but the Image itself does notBug
WORDSNET-11957Incorrect convertation of the MS Word document with commentsBug
WORDSNET-11959Empty row collapsed during rendering to PDFBug
WORDSNET-11969Unwanted symbols fx() inside dotted box appears in equations in PDFBug
WORDSNET-11970A square box appears in equation in PDFBug
WORDSNET-11971An equation does not break and wrap to a second line in PDFBug
WORDSNET-11975Date format not respected when converting docx to pdfBug
WORDSNET-11977Content is misplaced after ODT to HtmlFixedBug
WORDSNET-11984Camera Rotation DML effect rendering works incorrect.Bug
WORDSNET-11985HeaderFooter is missing after re-saving DocBug
WORDSNET-11993Problem with Word document( Containing Chart) when saving as HTML fileBug
WORDSNET-12011Wireframe extrusion loses the color.Bug
WORDSNET-12033MS Word Doc Conversion to PDF: Special Character rendered as squareBug
WORDSNET-5904Extra paragraphs are shown at the page while rendering to PDF.Bug
WORDSNET-7556Content of MHTML with framesets is not preserved during open/saveBug
WORDSNET-8880Shape is exported to Html without preserving its HyperlinkBug
WORDSNET-9673Document.UpdateFields removes Heading1 style from a ParagraphBug
WORDSNET-9750Document.UpdateFields changes the value of ParagraphFormat.SpaceAfterBug
WORDSNET-9868/java + printer metrics/ Textbox shapes have incorrect layout in rendered documentsBug
WORDSNET-11693Support CurrentShape in HtmlFixedSaveOptionsEnhancement
WORDSNET-11808Cell’s top and bottom paddings are changed after DOCX->HTML->DOCX roundtripEnhancement
WORDSNET-11913Insertion using DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml is always performed in Quirks mode.Enhancement
WORDSNET-11915Propagate background color of <div> elements to whole child tablesEnhancement
WORDSNET-11938Spaces are missing after saving RTF to Doc/Rtf/Docx/TxtEnhancement
WORDSNET-11967Links are shifted to the top of the page in IE8Enhancement
WORDSNET-12014WordArt Vertical Text is not supported.Enhancement
WORDSNET-2158Image is rendered partially, when run on mono.Enhancement
WORDSNET-4025Support HTML and MHTML documents with “Frame Set”Enhancement
WORDSNET-5274/footnote + para rules/ Suppot Widow/Orphan control paragraph rule for footnotesEnhancement
WORDSNET-6736WordArt // Multiline // Support Multiline WordArt objects renderingEnhancement
WORDSNET-8832RemoveUnusedRegions removes not only the unused mail merge region but the containing Paragraph alsoEnhancement
WORDSNET-11682Document.UpdatePageLayout throws System.InvalidCastException while using Hyphenation.RegisterDictionaryException
WORDSNET-11802System.NullReferenceException during document saving to any format when table cell is merged with previous and has no child nodes.Exception
WORDSNET-11803Index was out of range exception during DOCX to PDF or fixed page formatsException
WORDSNET-11937System.InvalidOperationException is thrown while saving Doc to PdfException
WORDSNET-11941Shape causes System.NullReferenceException during converting to HTMLException
WORDSNET-11943System.InvalidOperationException is thrown while saving Docx to PdfException
WORDSNET-11946Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs during loading a DOCException
WORDSNET-11987System.NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to PDF/MHTMLException
WORDSNET-11990Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading RTFException
WORDSNET-10922Add support for charts to the new reporting engineFeature
WORDSNET-11107Support Custom Mark for FootNoteFeature
WORDSNET-11694Support saving SVGs as raster images during DOCX to HtmlFixedFeature
WORDSNET-11755Spell checker language gets changed after saving DOCXFeature
WORDSNET-11798Provide way to change image file name embedded in MHTMLFeature
WORDSNET-11812Add feature to use the IF (Mustache syntax) with mail mergeFeature
WORDSNET-11858Support Shape.HasChart property to check if shape is a chartFeature
WORDSNET-12008Pict image is rendered improperly in TestJira9950Feature
WORDSNET-4247/Support PICT image format rendering/ Embedded image in MS Word for Mac document is rendered incorrectlyFeature
WORDSNET-4248/Support PICT image format rendering/ Embedded image in MS Word for Mac document is converted incorrectlyFeature
WORDSNET-4452/Support PICT image format rendering/ The image looks as red cross after rendering.Feature
WORDSNET-4617Allow creating OOXML charts and diagrams from scratch.Feature
WORDSNET-7893Consider adding a VerifiyPassword methodFeature
WORDSNET-9153/Support PICT image format rendering/ Shape is rendering as red cross in fixed page formatsFeature
WORDSNET-11918Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs during loading a DOCXRegression
WORDSNET-11983Document.UpdateFields corrupts the Doc fileRegression