Aspose.Words for .NET Release Notes

  • Export to Microsoft Office 2007 Open XML (DOCX) format. Aspose.Words installer and assemblies now come signed with Authenticode.
  • 3615 - “System.StackOverflowException” occurs during saving document. 3608 - Office2007 crashes during opening document generated by Aspose. 3602 - “This property is only allowed for list styles” exception occurs during saving document.  3591 - “Unsupported version of the stylesheet” exception occurs during opening document. 3566 - Implement LabelFontName in the numbered lists in PDF export. 3551 - Support non-breaking space in PDF export. 3393 - Programmatically added custom properties are invisible in MSWord but visible in file\right click menu\properties\custom. 3321 - “The style must be a paragraph style” exception during document appending. 1584 - Importing nodes creates document that fails in MS Word 2007.

We are very proud to announce availability of the export to Office Open XML feature in Aspose.Words for .NET. This makes Aspose.Words a first ever project to support DOC, RTF, WordML and HTML to DOCX conversions.

The set of DOCX features supported by Aspose.Words is comprehensive. Only the following limitations are applicable in the current version:

  • Embedded OLE objects are exported as pictures, not as OLE objects. VBA projects (macros) and ActiveX controls are not exported to DOCX. Embedded fonts are not exported to DOCX. Revisions to tables and rows are not exported to DOCX. Document protection password is not exported to DOCX.

For more info, see .

The was also updated to showcase generation of DOCX files.