Aspose.Words for .NET Release Notes

This maintenance release contains improvements and fixes to DOCX import (which is still in Beta) as well as many other fixes.

Issue IDComponentSummary
3994All Exports“System.StackOverflowException” exception occurs during saving document in any format.
3959All Exports“Stack empty” exception on saving document in any format.
3983DOCThe extracted embedded OLE object is corrupted.
3942DOC“Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening the document.
3711DOC“‘System.OutOfMemoryException” exception occurs during extracting OLE objects from document.
3702DOC“There is not enough memory or disk space to display or print the picture” occurs when open document in MS Word.
3576DOC“System.OutOfMemoryException” occurs during extracting OLE10 object from document.
1472DOCFile causes “Cannot find stream ‘META’ in the storage.” exception when opened in Aspose.Words.
1461DOCCustomer asked to support page border art
777DOCText is lost in organizational diagram when opened and save by Aspose.Words
772DOCProblem inserting file modified by Aspose.Word in MS Word
676DOCOrganization diagram casuses MS Word to crash
4036DOCXHyperlink is lost when loading a DOCX
3982DOCX“Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening DOCX file.
3970DOCXRTL paragraph alignment is incorrect in TestHebrew
3969DOCXRTL paragraph indents are incorrect
3966DOCXVertical text direction is lost in TestRtlIssue
3932DOCX“Unknown color type encountered during WordML import - #9bbb59 3206” exception occurred during opening DOCX file.
3901HTMLHtmlExportScaleImageToShapeSize docs not work during HTML exporting.
922HTMLAn email hyperlink causes exception
871HTMLAn HTML document falls into infinite loop
759HTMLAllow badly formatted HTML
692HTMLExport of cell borders to HTML does not work
649HTMLCannot import background scroll value
648HTMLCannot import border color #000000
639HTMLNeed to ignore CSS page breaks instead of throwing
617HTMLList item with a certain inline style throws during HTML import
525MailMergeAdd code examples to all new model methods
21MailMergeMerge fields in endnotes maybe not working
1474ModelSetting PaperSize to Custom throws an exception.
1381ModelSetting the result of a form field removes the formatting.
902ModelExtra margins are added when particular emf image is inserted into document.
153ModelAllow specifying border around floating image
4019PDFText boxes with no fill rendered as white
3945PDFImplement Z-order for Graphs
3944PDFLabel font doesn’t match in DOC and PDF
3931PDFSupport “FullJustify” Alignment type in PDF export
4016RTF“System.StackOverflowException” exception occurs during opening document.
3557RTFDocument throws on open
4014WML“Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening WML document.
162WMLSupport import from WordML format.
Please note that some of the issues listed here were fixed earlier, but we overlooked to report they were fixed.