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Aspose.Words for .NET Hot Fix Release Notes

  • Added public classes to create/modify tab stops and tab leaders. See the TabStops and TabStop classes.
  • Export heading styles as bookmarks into PDF. See the Document.SaveOptions, PdfExportBookmarkLevel property.
  • Added public constructor to the Comment class so you can create comments in a document.
  • Support paragraph keep with next on the same page when exporting to PDF
  • List items having different paragraph formatting look identical in Word but different when converted to PDF.
  • Unknown list number style error while saving in SaveFormat.FormatAsposePdf.
  • Line spacing issues when exporting to PDF. Conversion is more exact now.
  • Setting LocaleID does not influence the language setting, seeing in statusbar of MS Word.
  • ‘End of body is out of sync’ error when openning document in Aspose.Words.
  • ‘Expected to get tabs sprm only once for a paragraph’ error when openning document in Aspose.Words.
  • ‘Unexpected table state at the end of the cell’ error when openning document in Aspose.Words.
  • Aspose.Pdf throws for images and list items with Justify alignment.
  • First page header is displayed wrongly in PDF when section start is continuous.