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Aspose.Words for .NET Hot Fix Release Notes

A good maintenance release with two weeks worth of enhancements and fixes.

  • 1355 Textbox always draws white border even when there is no line
  • 1353 List indents exported incorrectly for “legacy” lists
  • 1340 A document throws an exception in Aspose.Pdf.dll
  • 1335 Can’t find paragraph with ID “paraId_xx”
  • 1348 Setting borders properties for cell that is not appended to the row yet results in NullReferenceException
  • 1341 Add the ToArray method to node collection to simplify add/remove of nodes during iteration
  • 1336 Positioning of text frames in exported WML is not correct
  • 1332 SaveOptions.PdfExportFormFieldsAsText is not public
  • 1328 A document throws “Unknown complex shape property”
  • 1327 A document throws InvalidOperationException on saving
  • 1325 A document throws NullReferenceException in ModelBuilder
  • 1324 When a new document is created, it has huge TotalEditingTime in MS Word
  • 1318 A mail merge template throws NullReferenceException
  • 1315 Expose entire merge field code in MergeFieldEventArgs.FieldCode property
  • 1311 Documents created or modified by TX Text Control are not handled by Aspose.Words correctly
  • 1258 Replace with evaluator cause NullReferenceException in some cases
  • 1181 Openning document fails with exception ‘Not expected to be in the dead field mode when a dead field starts’
  • 1176 Paragraph.IsListItem property sometimes fail to show that the paragraph is in list