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Aspose.Words for .NET New Release Notes

This releases introduces a great new feature - WordprocessingML import in Aspose.Words.

Now, the following formats are well supported in Aspose.Words for .NET:

  • Open and save DOC - Microsoft Word 97 - 2007 Document Open and save RTF - Rich Text Format Open and save XML - WordprocessingML Open and save HTML/XHTML Save TXT Save PDF (when used with Aspose.Pdf)
  • Import WordprocessingML documents. Updated demos to include WordprocessingML. Updated Aspose.Words Documentation. Made it possible to specify a password when protecting a document (1458). Support distance from text for paragraph borders in HTM (1497, 1495). Support import and export of hyperlink target attribute in HTML (1491, 655).
  • 1511 Save protection password hash into RTF and WordprocessingML. 1508 Documents with more than 1024 shapes are not supported. 1506 Korean text is not exported to HTML. 1503 Korean text is not exported to PDF. 1498 Tab stops are wrapping to next line in PDF. 1493 Consequitve spaces appear as one space when exported to HTML. 1492 Hyperlinks to anchors and relative hyperlinks do not import properly from HTML. 1478 A document throws “Unknown escher record type”. 1471 Toc entries come out as 888 when converting to PDF. 1468 DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml causes a hangup. 1234 Calculate coordinates of diagram connectors in WordML. 1158 Obfuscating sometimes causes naming conflicts in user applications.