Aspose.Words for .NET 5.0.0 Release Notes

Please welcome our next major release of Aspose.Words for .NET!

The main feature in Aspose.Words for .NET 5.0.0 is load and save of Office Open XML documents reaching its Release status.

Because we’ve done a lot. Here is a list of features that we have gradually added since Aspose.Words for .NET 4.0.0 released back in October 2006:

  • Load and save Office Open XML documents. Load and save RTF documents. Load and save Microsoft Word 2003 WordprocessingML documents. Save in OpenDocument (ODT) format (Beta). 64-bit and Windows Vista support. Numerous improvements and fixes in all areas.

Have a look at the updated enum, it includes the following new formats:

  • SaveFormat.Docx - Saves the document as a Microsoft Office 2007 Open XML Document (macro-free). SaveFormat.Docm - Saves the document as a Microsoft Office 2007 Open XML Macro-Enabled Document. SaveFormat.Dotx - Saves the document as a Microsoft Office 2007 Open XML Template (macro-free). SaveFormat.Dotm - Saves the document as a Microsoft Office 2007 Open XML Macro-Enabled Template. SaveFormat.Odt - BETA! Saves the document in the OpenDocument format.

Note that the Office Open XML specification and Microsoft Word 2007 strictly distinguish between macro-enabled and macro-free documents. If you save a document with macros as DOCX, Microsoft Word 2007 will reject to open it (unfortunately with a misleading error message). Therefore, you need to make sure you are saving an Office Open XML document in the correct (macro-free or macro-enabled) format. By default, Aspose.Words fully preserves VBA projects in Office Open XML documents, but you can remove all macros from a document using the  method.

Great news, we have included a beta version of saving to Open Document (ODT) format. You are welcome to try it out, but beware not all document features are yet exported.

We are fully committed to making Aspose.Words support the Office Open XML specification 100% in the shortest timeframe possible and we are well on track to achieving this.

Since the previous beta release we have added support for the following features:

  • Smart Tags OLE embedded and linked objects VBA projects Digital signatures for VBA projects Many others

Although the degree of Aspose.Words conformance to OOXML is high, not all OOXML features are yet supported. A detailed conformance specification is provided in a . For example ActiveX controls, Structured Document Tags (Content Controls) and Custom XML are not yet supported. These will be supported in the following months.

By having a major version change we indicate there are some breaking changes in the API.

The changes are not likely to affect many users. Even if you cannot recompile your project because of a change, it is very easy to update your code because all changes are cosmetic, although they had to be done.

The breaking changes in Aspose.Words for .NET 5.0.0 are:

Collection classes were renamed to become more inline with the .NET Framework Design guidelines and to allow creation of the new namespaces (for example, to avoid confusion between the old class and new namespace).

New namespaces were created because the namespace grew too big and we have a lot of new public classes to add in the future, therefore some reorganization was necessary. We hope you will find new namespaces easy to use. For example, namespace contains all classes and enums required to work with bulleted and numbered lists in a document.

Issue IDComponentSummary
4309DOC“The document contains captions” exception occurs during opening document.
4239DOCCannot insert PNG image, error Unable to read beyond the end of the stream.
558DOCRTL table becomes too wide.
4372DOCX“Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening DOCX document.
4368DOCXDOCX generated by Apsose.Words is corrupted to open with Word 2007.
4348DOCX“‘Unknown color type encountered during WordML import” exception occus during opening DOCX.
4347DOCX“FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening DOCX file.
4294DOCXMS Words 2007 doesn’t open DOCX file.
4220DOCXBackground shape is lost during load/save.
4218DOCXFreeform shape is processed incorrectly during load/save.
4127DOCXDOCX document is empty after opening it using Aspose.Words.
4035DOCXFont size changes from 11pt to 10pt during OpenSaveOpen
3927DOCXImages are lost when importing DOCX
3616DOCXDOCX files generated by Aspose.Words for VS2003 project are different from VS2005
3613DOCXSupport proper protection password export in DOCX.
3609DOCXDemo2007\ManualComms Out.docx shows numbering revisions while it should not
3586DOCXMacros and digital sugnatures are not saved during DOCX export.
3476DOCXUnifiedTestIncludePictureNoSeparator fails
4386ModelAdd Name property to Shape class.
1280ModelAs Icon, Icon Label, Icon Path and Icon Index are not supported for OLE objects
341ModelAdd Smart Tags/Smart Document support
4388PDFException: Cannot get field part because at end of field code (PDF, HTML)
4381PDFEmpty form field should be output wider to look like in MS Word
4328PDFSymbol field result outputs twice if field has a separator (PDF, HTML)
4318PDFMACROBUTTON field is output incorrectly if display text occupies several runs (PDF, HTML)
4278RTFSupport document protection password
4252RTFPosition of the floating TextBoxes is changed after open/save.
4107RTFStyle is changed after open/save RTF document.
4106RTFLine spacing is changed after open/save RTF document.
4067RTFParagraph indents are incorrect
4058RTFLast paragraph is lost after opening RTF using Aspose.Words.
4284WMLEnumeration of multilevel list is exported from WML to DOC not properly
3375WMLTestGoldWmlShape.TestImagePict fails
3374WMLTestGoldWmlOle.TestOleLinked import fails
3373WMLTestGoldWmlList.TestListNasty1 import fails
3372WMLTestGoldWmlDocProperties.TestRevMarks import fails
3371WMLTestGoldWmlDemo2007.ManualAdmin import fails
1568WMLUnifiedTestListStyle fails.