Aspose.Words for .NET 5.0.1 Release Notes

This is a maintenance release with a good number of fixes. Thank you to the customers who reported and waited for their fixes patiently.

Issue IDComponentSummary
4382DOCDocument can’t be opened by MSWord 2007 after processing using AW.
4237DOCTable alignment does not work in created DOC files - probably FIB problem
3997DOCGet rid of DocPr.ExtraBytes
3690DOC“Unrecognized format of the form field” exception occurs during opening document.
3532DOCThe dropdown form fields are disappearing from document after converting from rtf to doc
1068DOCSupport writing of styles in Word 2007 format
971DOCHack remaining undocumented document properties.
4440DOCX“Cannot find form field node in a form field declaration” exception occurs during saving DOCX.
4433DOCX“FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening DOCX file.
4391DOCXPage numbers are lost when loading DOCX
4390DOCXSelected (checked) check boxes become unselected
4356DOCX“System.InvalidCastException” occurs during saving DOCX file in AsposePdf format.
4355DOCX“Unexpected subdocument type” exception occurs during saving DOCX file in DOC format.
4307DOCXStyles lost after converting document to DOCX
3998DOCXSupport docPr.revisionView in export and import
4418HTML“System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException” exception occurs during inserting HTML.
4392HTMLBorders around HTML images after converting DOC to HTML
4369HTML“Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening HTML document.
4384MailMergeFont of merge field is changed after mail merge.
4432ModelParent node of Inline class is cast to Paragraph without check
4387ModelDocument.ViewType.Reading does not work.
3564ModelText inserted by FormField.SetTextInputValue does not have an expected formatting.
4450PDFException: Cell width is too small
4425PDFOutput floating point numbers in format compatible with Aspose.Pdf
4408PDFImplement restricted set of arrow autoshapes in PDF export
3233PDFText inside autoshapes is shifted in PDF export.
3232PDFArrows’ coordinates don’t correspond to the shapes they are intended to connect.
3230PDFEllipses in PDF
4069RTFImage and its position are incorrect.
4068RTFPart of image is lost
4327WMLA table is changed after open/save WML file.
1529WMLForm fields are not written correctly when converting from WordML to DOC.