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Aspose.Words for .NET 5.1.0 Release Notes

  • Improvements to DOCX (Office Open XML) import of DrawingML graphics. Some images in the DrawingML format are now supported.
  • Improvements to ODT (OpenDocument) export.
  • An option to export to a CSS stylesheet (embedded in HTML or separate file) when exporting to HTML.
  • Resolved problems on 64bit Windows (again obfuscation related).
  • Over 25 issued fixed (see below).
Issue IDComponentSummary
4679PDFOutput table borders among with cell borders in PDF
4644RTF“System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException” exception occurs during loading.
4638DOC“System.FormatException” exception occurs during opening file.
4637PDFRemove fictive section bodies in some cases to improve layout
4598PDFBorder of zero width should be rendered as 0.25pt as in MS Word
4579PDFRemove highlighting from trailing spaces in the paragraph
4525PDFMake form field names unique in PDF output
4484PDFAccidental empty list item appears in PDF
4424ModelUnexpected spaces appear after InsertHtml call.
4253RTF“FileCorruptedException” except on occurs during opening document.
4214PDFImage of type “Word.Picture.8” is rendered incorrectly (scale).
3764PDFFonts are shrinked when exporting metafiles (PDF, HTML)
3748PDFImplement image transparency or a workaround for OLE objects’ metafiles.
3683DOCEmbedded image is not displayed after saving document in doc format.
3204PDFNumbering in the list starts from 2, not from 1 as when converting to PDF.
1572PDFBorders are output incorrectly for the table with many merged cells.
1564PDFA table is split into two pages in PDF
1392DOCA picture in the document is not visible in Word 97.
1200ModelTest Ajax compatibility
1145HTMLSeparate styles from content when exporting to HTML
823PDFCell borders are handled incorrectly during pdf conversion
808PDFVertical positioning of image relative to margin behaves wrong when converted to PDF
704PDFSupport picture cropping when exporting to PDF and HTML
446PDFRun of text background and highlighting is not supported in PDF.
441PDFExport page border to PDF
86PDFForeground vs Background Fill into Aspose.Pdf