Aspose.Words for .NET 5.2.1 Release Notes

Here is a good set of new fixes, mostly in the HTML and PDF export modules.

Issue IDComponentSummary
5238DOCXExtracted PDF document can’t be opened by Adobe PDF Reader 7
5257HTMLNewly created style omits paragraph attribute in CSS output if only one direct attribute specified
4209HTMLSupport picture bullets in HTML.
3955HTMLFiles without byte order mark (BOM) opened incorrectly.
1552HTMLAllow to set the encoding for HTML export in SaveOptions.
5344ODT“Index was outside the bounds of the array” exception during ODT export
5405PDFJPEG images can be saved with less quality after scaling (PDF, HTML)
5389PDFRemove outer image background filling in PDF export
5349PDFImages are distorted in conversion to PDF and HTML
5346PDF“ArgumentOutOfRangeException” exception occurs during saving document in HTML or AsposePdf format.
5277PDFEnforce requested image resolution on scaling (PDF, HTML)
5188PDFConstant list labels with number style “None” exported incorrectly.
5184PDFExport built-in document properties to PDF
5181PDFWhite stroke appears in PDF on shapes that have no stroke.
5177PDFList doesn’t reset numbering during converting document to PDF and HTML.
5158PDFOutput frame text orientation to PDF
5151PDF“System.ApplicationException” exception occurs in Aspose.Pdf during converting Doc to Pdf
5115PDFDocument background solid fill to PDF
5104PDFOutput Box borders where possible, use default values for color, line width etc.
5012PDFPage numbers are not populated if field has no stored result
4977PDFFloating contents anchored to a paragraph shift down if fictive paragraphs output before anchore.
4910PDFOutput Z-order for text boxes in PDF
4888PDFIncorrect numbering in a multi-level list
4004PDFSupport text rotation in shapes.
3587PDFFigure becomes black after conversion to PNG file
3229PDFInline canvas placement in PDF
1470PDFSurrounding border is drawn when exporting watermark to PDF.
1222PDFSpacing between list items is incorrect after Word2Pdf conversion.
1156PDFShape behind/in front of text is not supported
1155PDFZ-order of shapes anchored to different paragraphs is not supported
451PDFInline picture borders are not supported in PDF
420PDFList label alignment is not supported when exporting to PDF
411PDFList number of bullet font formatting is lost when exporting to PDF.
125PDFSupport absolute positioning for tables when exporting to PDF