Aspose.Words for .NET 5.2 Release Notes

  • Save documents as MHTML (Single File Web Page). Save as OpenDocument (ODT). Over 50 issues fixed (see below).

We have over 50 fixes this time. Thank you all who waited for your patience.

Issue IDComponentSummary
565DOCAdd support for outline numbered lists
1084DOCSupport comment date
1118DOCPattern or texture fills are not saved to DOC
1175DOCTestChuckChanCrash Out.doc is too big
1199DOCTable borders are read incorrectly by Aspose.Words.
1245DOCSetting Document.ProtectionType to ReadOnly is lost after Save/Open.
3392DOCSaving large .doc to .xml gets match of time.
3519DOC“The document does not have a piece table” exception occurs during opening document.
3533DOCBullets are not transferred correctly from rtf to doc.
3560DOCNullReferenceException in RunPrFiler during document open.
3590DOCFont is changed after populating data into bookmarks.
3602DOC“This property is only allowed for list styles” exception occurs during saving document.
3622DOCParagraph indents are lost in styles.
3633DOCDocument.RemoveMacros() method does not remove all macros from document.
3914DOC“Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening document.
4210DOC“Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening document.
4212DOCAspose.Words.FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening document.
4254DOC“NullReferenceException” occurs when try to save document with empty section.
4324DOC“Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening document.
4502DOCOutOfMemoryException is thrown on document load
4635DOCFont.HighlightColor doesn’t work for DOCX documents.
4825DOC“Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening document.
4856DOC“FileCorruptedException” exception occurs during opening document.
4899DOCOutOfMemoryException occurs when reading the document.
4918DOC“Unsupported version of the stylesheet” exception occurs during opening document.
1364DocumentationCreate a demo and tutorial that shows how to use Aspose.Words and Aspose.Network to create emails
1385DocumentationCreate a sample to save/load from database
4882DOCX“FileCorruptedException” occurs during opening DOCX file.
352HTMLResearch if it is possible to use MHTML to store images inside exported files.
538HTMLGenerate list numbers only when needed for HTML export.
957HTMLGenerate list numbers for paragraphs with Heading styles
1287HTMLAdd tests for export shapes to HTML
4436HTMLUse ol.start during converting document to HTML.
4464HTML“System.NotSupportedException” exception occurs during saving document in HTML or AsposePdf format.
4953HTMLList items are exported as ordinary paragraphs if belong to H1…H6 styles
5016HTMLExport correct standard HTML bullets to HTML
500ModelJoin runs of same formatting on request.
4881Model“System.ArgumentException” exception occurs during creating DocumentBuilder or saving document.
4905ModelConsider paragraph break font direct formatting in list label properties calculation.
4826PDFSET field should not be output to PDF
4861PDFImplement Watermark image effect via Opacity attribute in PDF
4892PDF“ArgumentNullException” exception occurs during saving document in AsposePdf format.
923RenderingDash patterns and offsets work badly in PDF
1004RenderingFix squares in TestText WMF to PDF output
1033RenderingHatches look bigger than needed in PDF
4648RenderingDotted pen is rendered to PDF incorrectly
4650RenderingHatch brushes are rendered as black to PDF
4654RenderingHatched pen is not rendered correctly to PDF
4665RenderingRotated text rendered to PDF in wrong place
4666RenderingWMF is rendered clipped from sides in PDF
4211RTF“Number of cells does not match the number of cells properties.” Exception occurs during opening document.
4265RTFSome built in styles are lowercase, yet others are camel case.
4305RTF“System.IO.EndOfStreamException” occurs during saving document.