Aspose.Words for .NET 9.6.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for .NET 9.6 Release Notes

There are impressive 156 issues/features addressed in this release. Below is a summary of some of the most notable changes followed by the full list of changes.

Text Wrapping around Shapes

Good news. Text wrapping around shapes is supported quite well now when exporting to PDF, XPS and printing. Most of the cases that were reported to us will render correctly. Only some advanced “tight” and “through” text wrapping are not yet supported.

More Field Types are Updated

Most notably ADDRESSBLOCK and GREETINGLINE fields are now fully functional during Aspose.Words mail merge.

Rendering of Individual Shapes to Images

Using the new ShapeRenderer class you can convert any shape from a Microsoft Word document into a raster or metafile image or render to a .NET Graphics object to your liking.

Flashy New Features and UI for Aspose.Words SWF Export

Aspose.Words can render any document into SWF format. The resulting SWF contains the document pages and an embedded document viewer. Check out the online demos to see how the new interface looks like. Aspose.Words SWF export now provides text selection and search.

Footnotes with Custom Reference Marks Supported

This was requested by a few customers. Footnotes with custom reference marks are now fully supported in DOC, DOCX, WML, ODT. Partially supported in RTF (only first character of the custom reference mark). Not yet supported in rendering - will render with auto numbering.

New Documentation Articles

Updated class and composition diagrams for the Aspose.Words object model, a new topic about document digital signatures, updated the article about joining and appending documents and a few more.

All Fixes and New Features