Aspose.Words for .NET 13.1.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for .NET 13.1 Release Notes

What’s New

There are 108 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • The .NET Framework 1.1 is no longer supported.
  • Extended public API for working with fields in the document.
  • Added public API to find on which page a particular document element is laid out.
  • Layout performance improved by at least 10%.
  • Improvements to layout of nested objects and tables.
  • Improvements to rendering of special RTL characters and content of SDT tags.
  • Added support for binary OLE objects in OpenDocument (ODT) documents.
  • LISTNUM, AUTONUM and similar numbering fields are supported when rendering.
  • Import of SVG images in HTML is supported.
  • DrawingML line caps are rendered.
  • DrawingML Chart custom axis title rotation and other features are rendered.

All Fixes

WORDSNET-7384Document.Save method do not save the Shape correctlyBug
WORDSNET-7385Paragraphs with bullet list do not export correctly in Fixed File FormatBug
WORDSNET-7386Docx to Fixed file format conversion issue with bullets positionBug
WORDSNET-7390/IF spacing issue/ UpdateFields doesn’t update the value of IF field after MailMergeBug
WORDSNET-7391Docx to PDF conversion issue with text renderingBug
WORDSNET-7407The Chart’s axis values are different after conversion from Docx to PDFBug
WORDSNET-7408Data Lable ‘1’ is not displayed fully in PDF as displayed in input docBug
WORDSNET-7415ExecuteWithRegions turns a mustache region into a normal TableStart/TableEnd regionBug
WORDSNET-7421RemoveEmptyParagraphs does not remove empty Paragraphs left by Mustache regionsBug
WORDSNET-7435DML line AutoShape is positioned incorrectly in PdfBug
WORDSNET-7439Docx can not be opened in MS Word 2010 after saving it from Aspose.Words.Bug
WORDSNET-7450Shapes are not preserved during open/save FlatOpcBug
WORDSNET-7460Shape is not visible when appending documentsBug
WORDSNET-7486Shape gradient fill is rendered incorrectlyBug
WORDSNET-7509History of tracked formatting changes is lost after conversion from RTF to DocxBug
WORDSNET-7515Online Pdf Repair Tool reports a corruption in Pdf that is produced by Aspose.WordsBug
WORDSNET-7517Number formatting is incorrect in Dutch culture.Bug
WORDSNET-7520GetChildDataSource gets incorrectly called during processing MERGEFIELDs with Object.AttributeBug
WORDSNET-7524A rotated DML is positioned incorrectly in PDFBug
WORDSNET-7530Checkbox rendering issue while conversion from Doc to PDFBug
WORDSNET-7531Unexpected characters appear in the RTF produced by Aspose.WordsBug
WORDSNET-7533Two Paragraph should display on single line during Doc to Rtf cnversionBug
WORDSNET-7535Custom numbering template has wrong characters in RtfBug
WORDSNET-7537Docx to RTF conversion issue with page number formatBug
WORDSNET-7542Vertical borders disappear after saving to docxBug
WORDSNET-7576Docx to PDF conversion issue while using Aspose.Words with Parallel.ForEachBug
WORDSNET-7577Shape is moved towards the left page edge in fixed page formatsBug
WORDSNET-7578InsertCell throws NullReferenceException when inserting first cell in new RowBug
WORDSNET-7579Arabic (RTL) text is rendering incorrectly to PdfBug
WORDSNET-7580Arabic (RTL) text is rendering incorrectly to PdfBug
WORDSNET-7581Arabic (RTL) text is rendering incorrectly to PdfBug
WORDSNET-7583Table border is lost during rendering a Docx to PdfBug
WORDSNET-7585Unicode zero width space character (\u200B) is not rendering correctly in PDFBug
WORDSNET-7590Aspose.Words produces a corrupt XPS file.Bug
WORDSNET-7600System.InvalidOperationException occurs when calling License.SetLicenseBug
WORDSNET-7608Contents of <body> are getting lost during open/saveBug
WORDSNET-7610StyleCollection.AddCopy change NextParagraphStyleName value and add w:nextBug
WORDSNET-7613MS Word 2010 crashes when DrawingML docPr Id is negative.Bug
WORDSNET-7614/IF spacing issue/ Conditional field without a space do not show mail merge valueBug
WORDSNET-7616Document.UpdateFields do not update the TOC field correctlyBug
WORDSNET-7618Appending Documents with Pictures causes corrupt output DocxBug
WORDSNET-7623UpdateFields doesn’t insert text from a URL starting with HTTPBug
WORDSNET-7624Password for AllowOnlyFormFields protection becomes invalid when importing SectionsBug
WORDSNET-7635Docx crashes when DrawingML docPr Id is negative.Bug
WORDSNET-7641Security Alert - WordML to Doc conversion issueBug
WORDSNET-7648Extra columns are added after conversion from HTML to DOCBug
WORDSNET-7653Dashstyle attribute of v:stroke is not preserved in fixed page formatsBug
WORDSNET-7658List formatting is lost after conversion to HTMLBug
WORDSNET-7669Gradient brush transforms incorrectlyBug
WORDSNET-7680Importing a Section twice corrupts Docx documentBug
WORDSNET-2099Bottom or top margins are wrong when the header or footer height is not set and calculated automaticallyEnhancement
WORDSNET-2180/listnum/ AUTONUM fields are missed during Rendering/Converting to PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-3953AUTONUMLGL fields are missed during Rendering/Converting to PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-5960Text alignment in RTL document is not preserved when converting to HTMLEnhancement
WORDSNET-7002/listnum/ List numbering is incorrect in PDF (LISTNUM fields)Enhancement
WORDSNET-7037/listnum/ Docx to PDF conversion Numbering issueEnhancement
WORDSNET-7185/listnum/ AUTONUM fields are getting lost when rendering to PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-7344A shading overlaps a line aboveEnhancement
WORDSNET-7429Fix error occurs during perspective projectionEnhancement
WORDSNET-7432DML images are shifted down vertically from their expected position in PdfEnhancement
WORDSNET-7453FontSettings.DefaultFontName do not work while rendering PDF/XPSEnhancement
WORDSNET-7483Styles.AddCopy break the link between paragraph/character stylesEnhancement
WORDSNET-7514A Normal Table overlaps a floating Table in PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-7539Doc to RTF conversion issue with TC fieldsEnhancement
WORDSNET-7543Unicode control characters become visible in PDF and TIFF filesEnhancement
WORDSNET-7553Fix incorrect pattern fill of 3D objectsEnhancement
WORDSNET-7565Support checkbox color renderingEnhancement
WORDSNET-7570System.InvalidOperationException : XPS file <file> does not conformEnhancement
WORDSNET-7574Incorrect encoding is used while loading TXT file.Enhancement
WORDSNET-7607Percent sign (%) is located incorrectly in RTL textEnhancement
WORDSNET-7621Silverlight Pdf vierwers do not display chinese text in PdfEnhancement
WORDSNET-7659Perform fallback to GDI+ rendering for EMF EMR_ALPHABLEND recordEnhancement
WORDSNET-7666Quotation marks are not preserved during importing HTML into DOMEnhancement
WORDSNET-7675Analysis of a new version of HTML Agility Pack libraryEnhancement
WORDSNET-7693Remove support for .NET Framework 1.1 from the installer and documentationEnhancement
WORDSNET-5858NullReferenceException occurs on saving RTF with Footnotes to Fixed Page FormatsException
WORDSNET-7597NullReferenceException occurs during rendering to fixed page formatsException
WORDSNET-7611InvalidCastException occurs during exporting DOCX to HTMLException
WORDSNET-7639Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a WordML/DocxException
WORDSNET-7642Exception while loading WordML file into Aspose.Words.DocumentException
WORDSNET-7643Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a WordMLException
WORDSNET-7645System.Xml.XmlException during loading Doc into DOMException
WORDSNET-7647Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading XML fileException
WORDSNET-7650Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs when loading a WordMLException
WORDSNET-2096Add “text:table-of-content” import/exportFeature
WORDSNET-2902Consider exposing pagination information for document elements.Feature
WORDSNET-2978Consider exposing layout information of nodes.Feature
WORDSNET-5155Support SVG in HTMLFeature
WORDSNET-6565img.border is ignored when loading HTMLFeature
WORDSNET-7036Rework FORMCHECKBOX rendering.Feature
WORDSNET-7219Support custom axis titles rotation angleFeature
WORDSNET-7235Arrows inside the DML are missing in PDFFeature
WORDSNET-7254Provide Lockheed Martin with a feature they want (native Page Finder implementation)Feature
WORDSNET-7352Implement public FieldCollectionFeature
WORDSNET-7378Provide a Warning during layout of documents with hyphenationFeature
WORDSNET-7431Table borders are not rendering at the very bottom edge of Page in PdfFeature
WORDSNET-7476Angle of Arrow Shape is lost in output documentsFeature
WORDSNET-7503Hanging punctuation is not applied to headerFeature
WORDSNET-7518Provide events in the API similar to those provided by Word.Application and Word.Document classesFeature
WORDSNET-7598SwfSaveOptions- Add an option to prevent printing of SWF fileFeature
WORDSNET-7676Support import of images from HTML using embed, object and iframe tagsFeature
WORDSNET-7684Support binary OLE objects (<draw:object-ole>) in ODTFeature
WORDSNET-7620Extract a calculation of RunPr for Node from a loop by DocumentRunSplitterPerformance
WORDSNET-7661Move calculation of Font from LayoutSpan.Font to new method in class LprSpanPerformance