Aspose.Words for .NET 15.7.0 Release Notes

Aspose.Words for .NET 15.7 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 103 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

Added API to work with Themes

Allow inserting of TIFF images

API to change footnote/endnote separator

Improved footnote balancing

Improved text wrapping around objects in footers

Ternary raster operations for EMF/WMF rendering implemented

PDF background rendering improved

Text with gradient fill rendering implemented

Japanese OTF fonts overlapping characters problem in rendered images fixed

All Changes

WORDSNET-10241Text with gradient fill not saved in PDF outputBug
WORDSNET-10740Line breaks at incorrect word during open/save a RTFBug
WORDSNET-11093CheckBox is visible after re-saving DocBug
WORDSNET-11117Bigger copy of existing image appears after open/save a DOCBug
WORDSNET-11258ParagraphFormat and ListFormat attribute values are not presevred when importing Style to another DocumentBug
WORDSNET-11260ParagraphFormat attribute values are not presevred when importing Style to another DocumentBug
WORDSNET-11282Picture inside word document turns into black square after converting to PDF/ABug
WORDSNET-11395Textboxes are incorrectly converted to images in MHTMLBug
WORDSNET-11569HTML multilevel list is improperly imported when list item is empty.Bug
WORDSNET-11629Html to Word document conversion issue with SvgBug
WORDSNET-11688/negative page margins/ Content missing and many pages are produced in PDFBug
WORDSNET-11701Editable SDT is no longer editable in generaed DOCXBug
WORDSNET-11857Docx to Pdf conversion issue with multi lines Chinese textBug
WORDSNET-11881Font size is changed after conversion from RTF to DocxBug
WORDSNET-11929Footnote symbol turns into square box and Footnote marker is repeated twiceBug
WORDSNET-11974Text is missing after conversion form Docx to JpegBug
WORDSNET-11994Saving Word document with a Textbox changes the Textbox’s layoutBug
WORDSNET-12000Charts are missing after re-saving docxBug
WORDSNET-12005Html to Docx/pdf conversion issue with SuperscriptBug
WORDSNET-12021The symbol(†) is missing after conversion from Doc to pdfBug
WORDSNET-12024Some document elements and Layout is not preserved during open/save an ODTBug
WORDSNET-12038Unexpected information is presented in FooterBug
WORDSNET-12039CellFormat.Orientation return incorrect valueBug
WORDSNET-12043Texture fill effect renders different when saving to PDFBug
WORDSNET-12044Logo on top left of page is not rendering correctly in PDFBug
WORDSNET-12052SDT data is lost during saving to PDFBug
WORDSNET-12055Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException when reading HTML document.Bug
WORDSNET-12060Watermark (shape node) is lost after re-saving DocxBug
WORDSNET-12074Doc to pdf/html conversion issue with list labelsBug
WORDSNET-12082Update fields with “de-DE” culture doesn’t workBug
WORDSNET-12084Convert RTF to PDF/RTF scrambles up document’s paragraphsBug
WORDSNET-12087Page margins are changed after re-saving ODTBug
WORDSNET-12088Content position is changed after re-saving OdtBug
WORDSNET-12090Take in a count Dml textbox shape border width during rendering.Bug
WORDSNET-12094Assert in LineReflower fires when the line starts with floating shape.Bug
WORDSNET-12104Continuous Section break is converted to Section Break (Next Page)Bug
WORDSNET-12109Document.GetPageInfo(0) goes into infinite loopBug
WORDSNET-12122Hand symbols inside Textboxs renderd upside down in PDFBug
WORDSNET-3898/tiff insert/ TIF image is too dark after inserting into a document.Bug
WORDSNET-3987Rtl paragraph containing more than one inline element is imported incorrectlyBug
WORDSNET-4158The field code of FormField is not changed after changing FormField type.Bug
WORDSNET-4450Export table styles to HTMLBug
WORDSNET-4465“Error! Unknown op code for conditional.” is shown after executing mail merge.Bug
WORDSNET-4498Support revisions upon importing HTML.Bug
WORDSNET-4823Content from first two pages overlaps when exporting to HTMLBug
WORDSNET-4929Items from field code go to TOCBug
WORDSNET-5144/import floating image/ Floating image is imported from Html as inlineBug
WORDSNET-5202Aspose Generated PDF contains critical parser errorBug
WORDSNET-5425Non-ASCII characters are missing from EPUB TOC entriesBug
WORDSNET-5494Object reference exception occurs when inserting a table into a hanging cell via InsertHtmlBug
WORDSNET-5507/hidden/ Hidden text causes a redundant blank page upon rendering.Bug
WORDSNET-5540Document in memory is changed during saving to Doc. These changes break its saving to HtmlBug
WORDSNET-5611Figure misplaced and becomes black upon conversion to epub.Bug
WORDSNET-5652Image followed the paragraph appears inside the paragraph after importing HTML.Bug
WORDSNET-5982RTL paragraph alignment is not preserved upon DOC to HTML conversionBug
WORDSNET-6067/import floating image/ While converting html to doc, Image aligned centre to left.Bug
WORDSNET-6169Extra page appears during renderingBug
WORDSNET-6247Header text position is slightly incorrect while converting docx to PDF format.Bug
WORDSNET-6422The wrong layout. Inline shape truncation and incorrect horizontal positionBug
WORDSNET-6475Frame lost when encounters paragraph tag of Html (Aspose.Words for java)Bug
WORDSNET-6487Doc to PDF conversion issue, colour blocks appears on the pageBug
WORDSNET-6526Unable to view Aspose.Words generated DOCX file with MS WORD WEB APPBug
WORDSNET-6637Unexpected empty bookmark appears in output pdf fileBug
WORDSNET-9519UpdateFields does not calculate SUM forumla field’s value correctlyBug
WORDSNET-9647An extra page is rendered at the end of PDFBug
WORDSNET-9802ALPHABETIC switch of AUTONUM field is not preserved upon building TOCBug
WORDSNET-11289Include version in the file name of the MSIEnhancement
WORDSNET-11619Ternary raster operations work incorrectlyEnhancement
WORDSNET-11784Check if there are any restrictions on certificate usage when signingEnhancement
WORDSNET-11799Transparency is lost when converting Emf to PngEnhancement
WORDSNET-11978Rectangles appear on some characters after ODT to HTML_FixedEnhancement
WORDSNET-12020Support ‘width’ attribute of ‘col’ element in HTML importEnhancement
WORDSNET-12111Checkbox states are not preserved during open/save a DOCXEnhancement
WORDSNET-12149DocumentBuilder.InsertOleObject behaves differently for MPP files created with Aspose.TasksEnhancement
WORDSNET-12154Shadow looks bigger than should be when DmlRenderingMode.DrawingML is set as default.Enhancement
WORDSNET-2491Improve horizontal rule supportEnhancement
WORDSNET-8706/footnote balance/ Footnote balancing is not perfectEnhancement
WORDSNET-9205Portable implementation of SRC_PAINT ternary raster operation for EMF/WMF.Enhancement
WORDSNET-9831Mention expandTableStylesToDirectFormatting in Working with Tables docsEnhancement
WORDSNET-9861Mention in Docs that Aspose.Words uses “system property for temporary dir” upon renderingEnhancement
WORDSNET-11509System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown while saving Docx to PdfException
WORDSNET-11759System.NullReferenceException is thrown while creating instance of StructuredDocumentTagException
WORDSNET-11945Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException occurs during loading a DOCXException
WORDSNET-11964Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading DocxException
WORDSNET-12015Document.Save throws System.ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionException
WORDSNET-12051System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown while saving Docx to HtmlException
WORDSNET-12065Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading DocxException
WORDSNET-12066System.ArgumentNullException thrown when ResourceLoadingCallback is specifiedException
WORDSNET-12068System.InvalidOperationException is thrown while saving docx to pdfException
WORDSNET-12144System.InvalidOperationException is thrown while converting RTF to DocException
WORDSNET-12185DOC file cannot be loaded and throws The document appears to be corrupted exceptionException
WORDSNET-10513Provide API to programmatically manipulate ThemesFeature
WORDSNET-10557How to get/set Shape height/width when it is in GroupShapeFeature
WORDSNET-11763Footnote Continuation Notice is not preserved when saving a documentFeature
WORDSNET-11981Support for MERGEBARCODE merge fieldFeature
WORDSNET-2748Provide an option to suppress writing CSS style sheet to external file.Feature
WORDSNET-2768Implement Run.GetAutoFontColorResolved to determine actual color of text output that will be used for the “auto color”Feature
WORDSNET-425Allow inserting TIFF imagesFeature
WORDSNET-4255Allow changing footnote/endnote separator.Feature
WORDSNET-5251Consider providing a one line method in the API for InsertDocumentFeature
WORDSNET-6051Implement Load and Save warnings for HTML/MHTML/EPUB formatsFeature
WORDSNET-866Support TABLE.borderColor attribute import.Feature
WORDSNET-12114LineStyle.None does not work for table’s bordersRegression