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Aspose.Words for .NET 17.6 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 82 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Added feature to Automatically adjust space between Asian and Latin text, numbers.
  • Throw warnings when an external resource in HTML could not be loaded.
  • Track changes view settings in LibreOffice.
  • Added ability to reference to data from parent region in child regions.
  • Implemented support for distributed paragraph alignment.
  • Improved handling of justified alignment in Asian text.
  • Improved line height calculation for inline images in asian text
  • Improved handling of hidden paragraph breaks around text frames
  • Improved text wrapping of sections breaks around floating objects
  • Improved Aps logical structure generation for repeated header rows
  • SVG graphics are now rendered via internal EMF rendering engine (without GDI+).
  • Improved rendering of PDF logical structure of Table headers.
  • Character offsets in META_EXTTEXTOUT records are now taken into account while rendering multi-byte encoding metafiles.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

WORDSNET-10727/advanced tabs/ Extra character ‘R’ appears in header of document after conversion from Doc to PdfBug
WORDSNET-11780/justified cjk text/ Docx to PDF conversion issue with Chinese text justificationBug
WORDSNET-12249/aps logical structure/ Adobe Accessibility Check fails for table headers in PDFBug
WORDSNET-12323/cjk distributed alignment/ Paragraph formatting is lost after saving Doc to Fixed file formatBug
WORDSNET-12586/cjk distributed alignment/ Paragraph’s space distribution is lost in output PdfBug
WORDSNET-12892/distribute alignment/ The Paragraph distribute formatting is lost in output PdfBug
WORDSNET-12985/cjk distributed alignment/ Chinese text distribution is lost in output HtmlFixedBug
WORDSNET-13056The diacritics in the word disappears when Docx is saved to PdfBug
WORDSNET-13679Run.Font.Name returns incorrect font nameBug
WORDSNET-13910Japanese ruby text does not render correctly in output pdfBug
WORDSNET-13965Position of axis title is incorrect.Bug
WORDSNET-14536Debug assertion fails upon saving a document to HTMLBug
WORDSNET-14968/aps logical structure/ Table header Tags missing starting from 2nd page onward in PDFBug
WORDSNET-15069URIs in external CSS files are resolved incorrectly during import from HTMLBug
WORDSNET-15076Superscript of footnote is lost when documents are joined using KeepSourceFormattingBug
WORDSNET-15124DOCX to PDF: Aspose.Words generates more pages than MS WordBug
WORDSNET-15133Revision Sequence ID (RSIDs) reset in .doc file after modification in Aspose.Words followed by edit in WordBug
WORDSNET-15134Text spacing issue in DOCX to PDF conversionBug
WORDSNET-15180RTF to PDF conversion merge the pagesBug
WORDSNET-15190Bullets replaced with empty box symbol when viewing in Windows 7Bug
WORDSNET-15221Line height is improperly computed if a line contains shapes, CJK and non-CJK characters.Bug
WORDSNET-15247DOC to PDF conversion issue with shape’s renderingBug
WORDSNET-15253Paragraph is rendered on next page in output PDFBug
WORDSNET-15258/divid/ Images are lost after conversion from DOT to PDFBug
WORDSNET-15260/divid/ ODT to PDF conversion issue with text positionBug
WORDSNET-15274Read-only access to style properties affects results of Style.EqualsBug
WORDSNET-15297OfficeMath rendering issue in DOCX to HTMLBug
WORDSNET-15303Words space issue in MHTML to PDF converisonBug
WORDSNET-15318Document.UpdateFields changes decimal symbol for Finnish cultureBug
WORDSNET-15322Image is replaced with its hyperlink textBug
WORDSNET-15326SVG multithread processing issueBug
WORDSNET-15328Column Stacked chart rendering issueBug
WORDSNET-15335/hidden before list label/ Heading formatting is lost in resultant PDF documentBug
WORDSNET-15337Glow effect color issue in PDFBug
WORDSNET-15354Font of line numbers is changed in output PDFBug
WORDSNET-15365Text position is changed after conversion from Docx to PdfBug
WORDSNET-15371Image size is lost at convertion RTF => DOCX if image link is invalid.Bug
WORDSNET-15375Number list of RTF file removes in conversionBug
WORDSNET-15377Aspose.Words 17.4.0: Can’t open some *.mobi filesBug
WORDSNET-15407Aspose.Words updates AppVersion of Word documentsBug
WORDSNET-15411BasedOnIstd incorrectly compared.Bug
WORDSNET-1586MS Word Spell Checker ignores text that was inserted into the merge fields.Bug
WORDSNET-6519/justified cjk text/ Justified Asian text is rendered incorrectlyBug
WORDSNET-10045Consecutive tables in different sections have additional vertical spacing between them in PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-12093A second blank page is produced in rendered documentEnhancement
WORDSNET-12836Table’s position is changed after conversion from Docx to PdfEnhancement
WORDSNET-12948Paragraphs are rendered at incorrect page in output PdfEnhancement
WORDSNET-12949Header/Footer does not render in output PdfEnhancement
WORDSNET-13948Images in the PDF file not appearing as expectedEnhancement
WORDSNET-14052Doc to Tiff conversion issue with text positionEnhancement
WORDSNET-14232GroupShape is lost after conversion from Docx to pdfEnhancement
WORDSNET-14275Doc to Pdf conversion issue with image positionEnhancement
WORDSNET-14276Doc to Pdf conversion issue with image positionEnhancement
WORDSNET-14503Docx to Pdf conversion issue with image positionEnhancement
WORDSNET-14632Contents are lost after conversion from Doc to PdfEnhancement
WORDSNET-14669Import certain <input> elements as SDT during HTML to DOCX conversionEnhancement
WORDSNET-15415Word ignores cell width value when compares cells.Enhancement
WORDSNET-6668Watermark shape in header is overlapping the other content in PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-9590A DrawingML is partially rendering and doesn’t wrap text around it in PdfEnhancement
WORDSNET-9978Two consecutive empty sections causes Aspose.Words to render more vertical space in PDFEnhancement
WORDSNET-14995Document.Save throws System.InvalidOperationException while using DocumentSplitCriteriaException
WORDSNET-15234Error “StartElement in state Epilog would result in an invalid XML document” occurs during RTF to DOCX conversionException
WORDSNET-15292/SvmReader/ Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading ODTException
WORDSNET-15298Saving html after mail merge throws OutOfMemoryExceptionException
WORDSNET-15309Aspose.Words.FileCorruptedException is thrown while loading DOCException
WORDSNET-15316DocumentBuilder.InsertImage throws System.Xml.XmlExceptionException
WORDSNET-15321Rendering issue of a document with emf image to HtmlFixed formatException
WORDSNET-15339Shape.GetShapeRenderer throws System.NullReferenceExceptionException
WORDSNET-15402System.ArgumentException is thrown while saving Docx to PdfException
WORDSNET-14376Add feature to set/get “Automatically adjust space between Asian and Latin text”Feature
WORDSNET-14377Add feature to set/get “Automatically adjust space between Asian text and numbers”Feature
WORDSNET-14515Throw warnings when an external resource in HTML could not be loadedFeature
WORDSNET-15145Obtain correct font size for paragraphFeature
WORDSNET-15317Track changes view settings in LibreOfficeFeature
WORDSNET-3276Consider adding an ability to reference to data from parent region in child regions.Feature
WORDSNET-5387/distributed alignment/ Support “distributed” paragraphs upon rendering.Feature
WORDSNET-8234/justified cjk text/ Docx to HTML conversion issue with text alignmentFeature
WORDSNET-14459/slow/ Process hangs during converting DOCX to PDFPerformance
WORDSNET-15090Document.AcceptAllRevisions takes much time to executePerformance
WORDSNET-14939Duplicate table styles are generated when content control is updated with HtmlRegression
WORDSNET-15319Font size difference in document appending feature after 17.2Regression

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

This section lists public API changes that were introduced in Aspose.Words 17.6. It includes not only new and obsoleted public methods, but also a description of any changes in the behavior behind the scenes in Aspose.Words which may affect existing code. Any behavior introduced that could be seen as a regression and modifies existing behavior is especially important and is documented here.

Public Properties ParagraphFormat.AddSpaceBetweenFarEastAndAlpha and ParagraphFormat.AddSpaceBetweenFarEastAndDigit

WORDSNET-14376 and WORDSNET-14377 are resolved. Two new public properties are available in the ParagraphFormat class: AddSpaceBetweenFarEastAndAlpha and AddSpaceBetweenFarEastAndDigit.

Two new public properties are available in the ParagraphFormat class: AddSpaceBetweenFarEastAndAlpha and AddSpaceBetweenFarEastAndDigit.

/// <summary>
/// Gets or sets a flag indicating whether inter-character spacing is automatically adjusted between regions
/// of Latin text and regions of East Asian text in the current paragraph.
/// </summary>
public bool AddSpaceBetweenFarEastAndAlpha { get; set; }
/// <summary>
/// Gets or sets a flag indicating whether inter-character spacing is automatically adjusted between regions
/// of numbers and regions of East Asian text in the current paragraph.
/// </summary>
public bool AddSpaceBetweenFarEastAndDigit { get; set; }

Added Public Property HtmlLoadOptions.PreferredControlType

WORDSNET-14669 has been resolved. New public property PreferredControlType is added into the HtmlLoadOptions class:

/// <summary>
/// Type of document nodes that represent &lt;input&gt; and &lt;select&gt; elements imported from HTML.
/// </summary>
public enum HtmlControlType
/// <summary>
/// Gets or sets preffered type of document nodes that will represent imported &lt;input&gt; and &lt;select&gt; elements.
/// Default value is <see cref="HtmlControlType.FormField"/>.
/// </summary>
/// <remarks>
/// Please note that setting this property does not guarantee that all imported controls will be of the specified type.
/// If an HTML control is not representable with document nodes of the preferred type, Aspose.Words will use
/// a compatible <see cref="HtmlControlType"/> for that control.
/// </remarks>
public HtmlControlType PreferredControlType
    get { return mPreferedControlType; }
    set { mPreferedControlType = value; }

Sample usage:

HtmlLoadOptions lo = new HtmlLoadOptions();
lo.PreferredControlType = HtmlControlType.StructuredDocumentTag;
Document doc = new Document(@"test.html", lo);

WORDSNET-15326 - SVG Multithread Processing Issue Resolved

Upon inserting SVG image into the document, it is converted to meta-file (EMF).When do this in multiple threads exception might occur in GDI+. To prevent problems with multi-threading, we switched to our own EMF renderer instead of GDI+ used earlier.