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Aspose.Words for Python via .NET 24.7 Release Notes

Major Features

There are 104 improvements and fixes in this regular monthly release. The most notable are:

  • Accessible PDF Export: Export documents to PDF/UA-2 format, ensuring accessibility for users with disabilities.
  • Enhanced XLSX Export: The exporter can now automatically detect the datetime format for seamless data export.
  • ActiveX Control Management: You can now modify properties of ActiveX type objects, providing greater control over their behavior.
  • Granular Markdown Export: The LinkExportMode property within MarkdownSaveOptions allows you to control how links are exported in Markdown format.
  • ActiveX Radio Button Interaction: Set the value of radio button ActiveX controls, enabling dynamic interactions.
  • ActiveX Checkbox Toggling: Easily set the checked state (checked or unchecked) of ActiveX checkboxes.
  • Chart Data Label Customization: Control the orientation and rotation of data labels within charts for enhanced presentation.
  • VBA Project Protection Check: A new public property VbaProject.IsProtected allows you to verify if a VBA project is protected.
  • Custom Number Style Format for List Levels: The public property ListLevel.CustomNumberStyleFormat now includes a setter, enabling you to define custom number styling for list levels.

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

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  1. Provide ability to set a given ActiveX checkbox to checked or unchecked
  2. Implement export to PDF/UA-2
  3. Add feature to change the text direction of Datalabel
  4. Provide the ability to control LinkExportMode in MarkdownSaveOptions
  5. Support for ActiveX TextBox - Change the properties of ActiveX type objects
  6. Provide API in Aspose.Words to convert PDF directly to Fixed Page formats
  7. Consider providing VbaProject.IsProtected property
  8. Chart Datalabel font control
  9. Support font for East Asian text in output XLSX documents
  10. DOCX to PDF conversion issue with line rendering and labels position
  11. Support the 3D camera settings for DML group when rendering
  12. Implement page enumeraton in PageSet class
  13. Update footnote logic to handle advanced cases related to floaters
  14. Provide ability to modify value of radio button ActiveX control
  15. Incorrect footnote position in presence of a wrapped shape in the footer causes layout differences
  16. DOCX to PDF text overlap issue
  17. Horizontal Axis labels are rendered improperly
  18. Labels on charts not aligned properly
  19. Conversion management to XLSX via XlsxSaveOptions
  20. SVG has black background after rendering
  21. Image’s size isn’t preserved after HTM to HTML conversion
  22. Part of content is moved to next page
  23. Table width is incorrect upon rendering
  24. Content shifted from third page to second
  25. Page breaks are not recognized correctly
  26. Table is moved to previous page after conversion from PDF to Word
  27. GIF is converted to PNG after updating fields
  28. DOCX to XLSX conversion issue with date format
  29. Part of content is moved to previous page
  30. Aspose.Words can’t open specific documents
  31. Consider exposing setter for ListLevel.CustomNumberStyleFormat property
  32. Font size and position of REF field is changed after updating fields
  33. Words count is calculated improperly in Linux
  34. Invalid numbering culture in DOCX to PDF conversion
  35. Aspose.Words hangs when saving DOC to JPEG
  36. Image quality degrades after exporting to fixed formats
  37. Style name is changed after DOCX to HTML to DOCX conversion
  38. MHTML to PDF export - The body text is cut off from left and right sides
  39. Comparing documents, comments are not taken into consideration
  40. Incorrect caclculation of formula width in the cell
  41. Content is pushed to the next page in layout
  42. Comparison deletes unchanged word
  43. HTML format have detected improperly
  44. Aspose.Words hangs upon calling AcceptAllRevisions
  45. Transparency in metafile is lost after rendering
  46. Part of content is moved to next page
  47. Shape is lost after open/save WordML document
  48. Bottom of a textbox is clipped upon rendering
  49. Barcode looks improperly when printed to converted to image
  50. DOCX to PDF conversion issue with content position and page count
  51. FileCorruptedException is thrown upon loading MHTML document
  52. DOCX to JPG: Output corrupted in ARM environment
  53. Part of content is moved to previous page
  54. A line is on a different page on conversion to PDF
  55. DOCX to PDF: Incorrect text alignment
  56. Exception is thrown when converting DOCX to AZW3
  57. RemoveBlankPages does not remove all blank pages
  58. NullReferenceException is thrown upon calling RemoveBlankPages method
  59. Track revisions works not the same as in MS Word when use Replace function
  60. Find/replace paces replacement before the matched text instead of after as MS Word does
  61. RTF to DOCX: Font Selection Issue
  62. FileCorruptedException is thrown upon loading ODT document
  63. Incorrect characters conversion of docx-to-pdf conversion
  64. Parameter “position” of rPr is not taken into account when rendering math text
  65. Table should not be balanced
  66. FileCorruptedException is thrown upon loading FlatOPC document
  67. ArgumentException is thrown upon comparing document
  68. Document.Compare: “Cannot insert a node of this type at this location.” exception
  69. Output barcode size is different from the original one in MS Word
  70. FileCorruptedException is thrown upon loading DOC document
  71. System.NullReferenceException is thrown when call UpdatePageLayout in 24.6
  72. Added substitutes for font do not work properly
  73. Language tag is not exported to PDF logical structure
  74. Table is moved to previous page upon rendering document
  75. Content is lost after loading HTML
  76. MathML is read improperly from HTML
  77. Incorrect result on Document.Save if callback exists
  78. Chinese text is distributed improperly in justified paragraph
  79. RTF to PDF: Logo in header section is not retaind
  80. Missed glyphs are rendered if PdfSaveOptions.PreserveFormFields is enabled
  81. Redundant symbol is rendered in PDF when PreserveFormFields is enabled
  82. Shape is rendered upside down
  83. TextShapingFactory overrides SaveOptions.FontEmbeddingMode setting
  84. StackOverflowException is thrown upon converting DOC to JPEG
  85. APS simplification produces the incorrectly transformed canvases in some cases
  86. Table does not fit into page after inserting to another document
  87. Incorrect alignment of the text element in inline formulas
  88. Combo chart displays wrong when export as PDF
  89. Cambodian Font Rendering Issue in DOCX to PDF Conversion
  90. Part of text disappears after rendering document created by WPS
  91. Text is wrapped improperly upon rendering
  92. InvalidOperationException is thrown upon execution mail merge with regions if region is both IF field code and it’s result
  93. Can’t get list label value for paragraph in revision
  94. figcaption position is incorrect after converting HTML to Word
  95. Table corrupted after adding Content Control
  96. SVG has issues when importing a HTML
  97. DOCX to HTML: Numbered heading created as ol instead of h2
  98. NullReferenceException is thrown upon rendering document
  99. NullReferenceException occurs upon rendering document
  100. Doc to PDF conversion fails with “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
  101. DOCX to PDF NullReferenceException is thrown upon rendering document
  102. NullReferenceException is thrown upon rendering document
  103. Font rendering issue with Arabic text
  104. Simplified Arabic’ does not render correctly in PDF

Public API and Backward Incompatible Changes

This section lists public API changes that were introduced in Aspose.Words for Python via .NET 24.7. It includes not only new and obsoleted public methods, but also a description of any changes in the behavior behind the scenes in Aspose.Words for Python via .NET which may affect existing code. Any behavior introduced that could be seen as regression and modifies the existing behavior is especially important and is documented here.

Added ability to automatically determine datetime format when exporting to XLSX

Implemented the ability to automatically determine the datetime format when exporting to XLSX. The new public property XlsxSaveOptions.date_time_parsing_mode can be used to enable the automatic determining.

This use case explains how to use DateTimeParsingMode:

doc = aw.Document(file_name=MY_DIR + 'Xlsx DateTime.docx')
save_options = aw.saving.XlsxSaveOptions()
# Specify using datetime format autodetection.
save_options.date_time_parsing_mode = aw.saving.XlsxDateTimeParsingMode.AUTO + 'XlsxSaveOptions.DateTimeParsingMode.xlsx', save_options=save_options)

Added ability to change the properties of ActiveX type objects

Implemented new public properties in Aspose.Words.Drawing.Ole.Forms2OleControl class: fore_color, back_color, height, width.

This use case explains how to change properties of ActiveX controls:

doc = aw.Document(file_name=MY_DIR + 'ActiveX controls.docx')
shape = doc.get_child(aw.NodeType.SHAPE, 0, True).as_shape()
ole_control = shape.ole_format.ole_control.as_forms2_ole_control()
ole_control.fore_color = aspose.pydrawing.Color.from_argb(23, 225, 53)
ole_control.back_color = aspose.pydrawing.Color.from_argb(51, 151, 244)
ole_control.height = 100.54
ole_control.width = 201.06

Added ability to control LinkExportMode in MarkdownSaveOptions

Implemented new public property link_export_mode in Aspose.Words.Saving.MarkdownSaveOptions class.

This use case explains how to change links export mode while saving to Markdown:

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
builder.insert_shape(aw.drawing.ShapeType.BALLOON, 100, 100)

# Image will be written as reference:
# ![ref1]
# [ref1]: aw_ref.001.png
save_options = aw.saving.MarkdownSaveOptions()
save_options.link_export_mode = aw.saving.MarkdownLinkExportMode.REFERENCE + "", save_options)

# Image will be written as inline:
# ![](aw_inline.001.png)
save_options.link_export_mode = aw.saving.MarkdownLinkExportMode.INLINE + "", save_options)

Added ability to modify value of radio button ActiveX control

Implemented new public class Aspose.Words.Drawing.Ole.OptionButtonControl, with the following public property selected.

This use case explains how to change value of radio button ActiveX control:

doc = aw.Document(file_name=MY_DIR + 'Radio buttons.docx')
shape1 = doc.get_child(aw.NodeType.SHAPE, 0, True).as_shape()
option_button1 = shape1.ole_format.ole_control.as_option_button_control()
# Deselect selected first item.
option_button1.selected = False
shape2 = doc.get_child(aw.NodeType.SHAPE, 1, True).as_shape()
option_button2 = shape2.ole_format.ole_control.as_option_button_control()
# Select second option button.
option_button2.selected = True + 'Shape.SelectRadioControl.docx')

Added ability to set a given ActiveX checkbox to checked or unchecked

Implemented new public class Aspose.Words.Drawing.Ole.CheckBoxControl, with the following public property checked.

This use case explains how to change state of the CheckBox ActiveX control:

doc = aw.Document(file_name=MY_DIR + 'ActiveX controls.docx')
shape = doc.get_child(aw.NodeType.SHAPE, 0, True).as_shape()
check_box_control = shape.ole_format.ole_control.as_check_box_control()
check_box_control.checked = True

Added ability to set orientation and rotation of chart data labels

The new properties orientation and rotation have been added to the ChartDataLabel and ChartDataLabelCollection classes.

This use case explains how to set data label orientation and rotation:

doc = aw.Document()
builder = aw.DocumentBuilder(doc)
shape = builder.insert_chart(chart_type=aw.drawing.charts.ChartType.COLUMN, width=432, height=252)
series = shape.chart.series[0]
data_labels = series.data_labels
# Show data labels.
series.has_data_labels = True
data_labels.show_value = True
data_labels.show_category_name = True
# Define data label shape.
data_labels.format.shape_type = aw.drawing.charts.ChartShapeType.UP_ARROW
# Set data label orientation and rotation for the entire series.
data_labels.orientation = aw.drawing.ShapeTextOrientation.VERTICAL_FAR_EAST
data_labels.rotation = -45
# Change orientation and rotation of the first data label.
data_labels[0].orientation = aw.drawing.ShapeTextOrientation.HORIZONTAL
data_labels[0].rotation = 45 + 'Charts.LabelOrientationRotation.docx')

Added export to PDF/UA-2

Added support for export to PDF/UA-2 format. New values added to PdfCompliance enum. Also PdfCompliance.PDF20 and PdfCompliance.PDF_A4 export is switched from PDF 1 logical structure to PDF 2 logical structure. Now PDF 1 logical structure is used for PdfCompliance.PDF17, PdfCompliance.PDF_A1B, PdfCompliance.PDF_A1A, PdfCompliance.PDF_A2U, PdfCompliance.PDF_A2A, PdfCompliance.PDF_UA1 and PDF 2 logical structure is used for PdfCompliance.PDF20, PdfCompliance.PDF_A4, PdfCompliance.PDF_A4_UA_2, PdfCompliance.PDF_UA2.

Added public property VbaProject.is_protected

A public property getter is_protected has been added to the Aspose.Words.Vba.VbaProject class:

This use case explains how to know if VbaProject is password protected or not:

doc = aw.Document(file_name=MY_DIR + 'Vba protected.docm')

Added setter for public ListLevel.CustomNumberStyleFormat property

A public property setter CustomNumberStyleFormat has been added to the ListLevel class.

This use case explains how to set customer number style format:

doc = aw.Document(file_name=MY_DIR + 'List with leading zero.docx')
paras = doc.first_section.body.paragraphs
self.assertEqual('001.', paras[0].list_label.label_string)
self.assertEqual('0001.', paras[1].list_label.label_string)
self.assertEqual('0002.', paras[2].list_label.label_string)
paras[1].list_format.list_level.custom_number_style_format = '001, 002, 003, ...'
self.assertEqual('001.', paras[0].list_label.label_string)
self.assertEqual('001.', paras[1].list_label.label_string)
self.assertEqual('002.', paras[2].list_label.label_string)