Aspose.Words for Reporting Services New Release Notes

This is the first significant release of Aspose.Words for Reporting Services since the project was launched (exactly two months ago). We are happy to notice how it evolves and we are especially happy to participate in its development.

Starting with this release, you are free to choose between automatic installation (using MSI installer) and manual installation (that was offered from the beginning). MSI installer deploys the product to the default instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services and applies all appropriate configuration changes automatically. That’s why this type of installation is quick and easy. However, in some cases you may want to perform old-style manual installation (for example, if you need to install the product on a named instance or multiple instances of Reporting Services). We have provided both installation options for your convenience.

The functionality of the product has been noticeably improved as well. We were working with a great number of customers’ reports polishing the code and making the document layout as close to perfection as possible. We have attained a high level of precision so that even large and sophisticated reports are now exported to Microsoft Word documents that are identical or very close to the output of “native” Microsoft renderers. Besides, our customers are particularly happy with export speed.In this release we paid special attention to the following features:

  • Page breaks at start/end.
  • The Keep Together feature for data regions.
  • The behavior of hidden report items and data regions with no data.
  • Performance/memory optimization.

Apart of that, we have fixed different issues reported by customers.