Aspose.Words for Reporting Services 3.6.0 Release Notes

Please welcome a new release of Aspose.Words for Reporting Services. This release includes a number of fixes requested by our customers:

  • WORDSRPT-6 (RepeatOnNewPage property of the static header row in a tablix)
  • WORDSRPT-7 (Table Headers not repeated for matrix report)
  • WORDSRPT-8 (Page break within a rectangle not working for Aspose.words for Reporting services)
  • WORDSRPT-40 (SSRS Report Rectangle Background Image Rendering to Word)
  • WORDSRPT-100 (Aspose.Words for RS2008 Abnormal separation of Tablix Data)
  • WORDSRPT-101 (Placeholder set as HTML-interpret HTML tags as styles; do not work)
  • WORDSRPT-103 (The heading section of report is not exported in Doc/Docx file)
  • WORDSRPT-104 (Chart images do not save in generated HTML file)
  • WORDSRPT-107 (Adding Table of Contents in AWRS2008)
  • WORDSRPT-108 (Exception Throws while exporting RDL file to Doc/Docx)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Also note updated EULA (End User License Agreement).