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Aspose.Words for Reporting Services 4.7.4 Release Notes

Full List of Issues Covering all Changes in this Release

Changes in 4.7.4

WORDSRPT-240RDL to Rtf/Doc/Docx conversion issue with merged table’s cellBug

Changes in 4.7.3

WORDSRPT-233Table header does not repeat in output RTF/DocxBug
WORDSRPT-237WORDSRPT-187/WORDSRPT-201 has not resolved in v4.7.2Bug
WORDSRPT-238Grouping number value with HTML does not generate correct output Bug

Changes in 4.7.2

WORDSRPT-231An exception is thrown while exporting RDLC to HtmlBug

Changes in 4.7.1

WORDSRPT-228WORDSRPT-204 is not resolved in v4.7.0Bug

Changes in 4.7.0

WORDSRPT-143Setting a hidden expression on the row groups hides ALL detailBug
WORDSRPT-204Tablix body does not render in output Doc/DocxBug
WORDSRPT-219An extra row is added to the table when exporting the report to docxBug
WORDSRPT-224The width of first column of table is increased in output Doc/DocxBug
WORDSRPT-225Text box does not grow when using Positioned document layout.
New config option FitShapeToText is introduced.
WORDSRPT-226Table’s rows are missing in output Doc/DocxBug
WORDSRPT-227Extra row appears in output Doc/DocxBug