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Aspose.Words for SharePoint 2.0.0 Release Notes

The major improvement in this release is the support of reporting functionality available in Aspose.Words for .NET v9.4. Now you can generate reports based on a Microsoft Word template document and an external data source right in your SharePoint document library without the need to write even a line of code. Any of the formats supported for document conversion can be chosen as destination format for report.Report template supports - Regions to repeat for each record in a data source table. - Nested regions for parent-child relationships in the report data. - Image placeholders to insert images from a data source.You can access data from - Relational databases via SQL queries and Microsoft SQL or OLE DB providers. - SharePoint lists via CAML queries. - XML data files located in a SharePoint document library.In a report definition file the following report properties are specified: - Data source connection properties. - Queries to retrieve the data. - Relationships between data tables returned by different queries. - Report parameters.You can specify multiple data source connections and queries. You can combine data returned by the different queries using data relationships in the report definition file.You can store data source connection description in a separate file and use it with multiple reports.Please find more details in our .

Issue IDType DescSummary
16087New FeatureMake a “Reporting” feature
19277New FeatureSupport fractional numeric parameters
19515New FeatureSupport storing a hyperlink to the report description inside a
report template
19611BugIncorrect location after clicking “Return to Source
folder” button.
19638BugIncorrect vertical alignment of formats list in IE
20068BugOverload list page in the API reference is not generated
correctly for Build() function
20123New FeatureSupport parameter reordering for sql queries
20225BugSharePoint trace logging does not work under SP2010
20381BugReport page is missing from sitemap
20382BugProhibit saving after merge error
20414BugHandle table name conflicts consistently when using multiple
queries in a report
20541BugSPListQuery are only working with the list in the local farm
20929BugSetup crashes if SharePoint is not installed.
21041BugIncorrect parameter type name in error messages