Aspose.Diagram for .NET 20.6 发行说明


DIAGRAMNET-50778Diagram exception occurred on saving a VSS to PDF强化
DIAGRAMNET-51845提供.NET framework 5.0的支持强化
DIAGRAMNET-50537VSD to PDF conversion, the line breaks are not preserved漏洞
DIAGRAMNET-50539VSD to PDF conversion, hyperlinks are misplaced from the original position漏洞
DIAGRAMNET-50996The text items are not aligned properly on converting a VSDX to PNG漏洞
DIAGRAMNET-51118文本项目在将 VSD 页面转换为 SVG 时被置换漏洞
DIAGRAMNET-51125The Visio page out of index error occurred on saving a VSD into PNG format漏洞
DIAGRAMNET-51329VSDM to SVG - the line breaks are not preserved漏洞
DIAGRAMNET-51838Aspose.Diagram 20.4:将特定 VSDX 转换为 JPG 时出现异常漏洞
DIAGRAMNET-51843Aspose.Diagram 20.5:加载具有风险许可的特定 VSDX 文档引发异常漏洞
DIAGRAMNET-51846Shape with borders results in no borders in PDF漏洞
DIAGRAMNET-51849将 Excel 替换为图片形状 - 缺少复选框漏洞
DIAGRAMNET-51850无法从 Visio diagram 中的 Excel 对象中删除个人信息漏洞
DIAGRAMNET-51853转换时出现空引用异常 VSDX漏洞