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Aspose.ZIP for .NET 22.11 Release Notes

All Changes

KeySummaryIssue Type
ZIPNET-946Release file handle on 7z decryption with wrong password.Bug
ZIPNET-930Proper compression and encryption coder combination within 7z archive.Bug
ZIPNET-935Report progress of compression for 7z entry.Enhancement
ZIPNET-922Support PPMd compression within 7z archive.Feature

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public types were added:Description
Aspose.Zip.Saving.SevenZipPPMdCompressionSettingsSettings for PPMd compression method within 7z archive.
The following public methods and properties were added:Description
Aspose.Zip.Saving.SevenZipPPMdCompressionSettings.MaxOrderGets the maximum order.
Aspose.Zip.Saving.SevenZipPPMdCompressionSettings.SuballocatorSizeGets the sub-allocator size in MB.
Aspose.Zip.Saving.SevenZipPPMdCompressionSettings.ctor(…)Instantiates settings for PPMd compression method within 7z archive.
Aspose.Zip.SevenZip.SevenZipArchiveEntry.CompressionProgressedEvent raised when a portion of raw stream compressed.