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Aspose.ZIP for .NET 23.2 Release Notes

All Changes

KeySummaryIssue Type
ZIPNET-968Make LZMA and LZMA2 compression faster.Enhancement
ZIPNET-983Make entries collection of an archive to keep stable reference.Bug
ZIPNET-975Introduce common interface for all archive types.Feature
ZIPNET-531Detect content and file names encryption.Feature
ZIPNET-964Allow to attach external cipher for 7z AES encryption.Feature

Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes

The following public types were added:Description
Aspose.Zip.IArchiveFileEntryThis interface represents an archive file entry.
Aspose.Zip.IArchiveThis interface represents an archive.
Aspose.Zip.ArchiveFactoryDetects the archive format and creates the appropriate IArchive object according to the type of archive.
Aspose.Zip.ArchiveInfo.ArchiveInstanceInfoRepresents metadata of the archive instance.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipherBase class for AES cipher used for 7-zip encryption.
The following public methods and properties were added:Description
Aspose.Zip.ArchiveInfo.ArchiveInstanceInfo.GetArchiveFormatInfo(…)Gets archive format info for provided file.
Aspose.Zip.ArchiveInfo.ArchiveInstanceInfo.GetArchiveInstanceInfo(…)Gets archive info for provided file.
Aspose.Zip.ArchiveInfo.ArchiveInstanceInfo.IsContentEncryptedGets a value indicating whether content of the archive is encrypted.
Aspose.Zip.ArchiveInfo.ArchiveInstanceInfo.AreFileNamesEncryptedGets a value indicating whether names of entries (files) of the archive are encrypted.
Aspose.Zip.ArchiveInfo.ArchiveInstanceInfo.FormatInfoGets format info for this archive instance.
Aspose.Zip.ArchiveFactory.GetArchive(…)Detects the archive format and creates the appropriate IArchive object according to the detected type.
Aspose.Zip.IArchive.FileEntriesGets entries of IArchiveFileEntry type constituting the archive.
Aspose.Zip.IArchiveFileEntry.NameGets name of the entry.
Aspose.Zip.IArchiveFileEntry.LengthGets the length of the entry in bytes.
Aspose.Zip.IArchiveFileEntry.Extract(…)Extracts the entry to destination provided.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipher.SaltGets the salt used for key initialization of AES algorithm.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipher.SeedGets the seed used to compose initialization vector of AES algorithm.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipher.NumberOfCyclesPowerGets binary logarithm of the number of cycles used for AES key calculation.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipher.LastBlockUnderflowSizeGets the number of lacking bytes wihtin the last block.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipher.TransformBlock(…)Transforms the specified region of the input byte array and copies the resulting transform to the specified region of the output byte array.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipher.TransformFinalBlock(…)Transforms the specified region of the specified byte array.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipher.CanReuseTransformGets a value indicating whether the current transform can be reused.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipher.CanTransformMultipleBlocksGets a value indicating whether multiple blocks can be transformed.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipher.InputBlockSizeGets the input block size.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipher.OutputBlockSizeGets the output block size.
Aspose.Zip.Crypto.SevenZipCipher.Dispose()Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources.